PogoPlug NAS Adapter takes it to the next level

pogoplug-01 I enjoyed using the Addonics USB NAS adapter: it was easy to use, and did a few simple things quite well. Now PogoPlug is entering the NAS fray, and takes things to the next level of simplicity.

Gone is the external power plug, which makes for a very nice form factor. Just stick this thing into the wall, and connect it to an Ethernet cable. This is one of those “well, duh!” moments: why don’t more small home networking appliances work like this?

Gone, too, is the need to set anything up! Rather than require you to open up ports in your firewall, you interact with the PogoPlug through the my.pogoplug.com site. You can access files remotely from any computer — or iPhone! — as well as provide access to others. And soon you’ll be able to hook into other online services for off-site backup, photo printing, and more! Not too bad for $79. Keep the NAS innovations coming!

Via eHomeUpgrage