Pogoplug updates Android app: Control your drives from your EVO 4G

PogoPlug just released its upgraded Android app. The app allows you to browse media and music on connected drives, share files publicly from drives, and search for files. You can also manage the folders on your connected drives.

It is available in the app store now. As you recall, the Pogoplug is essentially a NAS adapter that plugs right into the wall and then pop in the Ethernet cable. Any USB drives connected to it are automatically shared on the Internet (password-protected, of course) and you can manage the entire drive from anywhere in the world. The device itself is available for $129.

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Quickly search and view music by Artist, Song, Album, or genre – Now find and stream music more easily from USB hard drives connected to your home Pogoplug to your Android phone, so all your music can be streamed to your Android phone.
Share files directly from their Android phone – Pictures, videos, and other content created on your Android phone can be saved on your Pogoplug connected drive and shared online. Record your child’s first steps using your Android phone and within seconds upload it to your Pogoplug connected drives and share the video with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.
Search for a file across all your Pogoplug drives – A search will look through files on any drive connected to your Pogoplug, save time by searching all your drives at once.
Create folders on your drives – Use your Android phone to create brand new folders on your Pogoplug connected drives so everything stays organized.