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  • Watch Plug and Play’s winter summit demo days here

    Watch Plug and Play’s winter summit demo days here

    Plug and Play, the international corporate innovation and venture capital firm, is holding its Winter Summit Demo Day this week in Silicon Valley. At the two-day event, dozens of startups that have come through one of Plug and Play’s many accelerator programs will pitch their products and services to executives at corporations and early-stage investors who may be interested in working… Read More

  • Netequality's True Plug And Play WiFi

    What do you get when a non-profit company slaps a wireless router inside a casing that plugs into a wall? Plug and play WiFi anyone? Netequality’s new box is designed for low-income families who can’t afford the internet. It works by integrating a Meraki wireless mesh router into an easier installation medium that costs just $79 and plugging DSL or Cable internet into one of the boxes. Read More