Maybe we’ll finally see a fintech IPO in 2024

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Here are the fintech startups that could go public in 2024

Could 2024 be the year for fintech IPOs? Quite possibly, according to F-Prime Capital’s State of Fintech 2024 report. F-Prime — a VC firm with over $4.5 billion in assets under management that

Plaid’s new president hails from Cloudflare, has IPO experience

Plaid has named Jennifer (Jen) Taylor, who most recently served as Cloudflare’s chief product officer, as its first president. The move is notable in that it comes just months after the fintech star

Is Plaid’s potential IPO a sign of fintech turning a corner?

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All hail the (eventual) Plaid IPO

A CFO, recent notes on limited burn, and enough historical information to indicate that the company is IPO-sized already? Things are looking good for a Plaid IPO.

Plaid taps former Expedia exec as its new chief financial officer, says ‘no timeline’ for IPO

Fintech startup Plaid has hired former Expedia CFO Eric Hart to serve as its first chief financial officer. When asked if the move meant that the company was planning to go public, a spokesperson told

Plaid’s Zach Perret on Visa, valuations and privacy

In a wide-ranging conversation at this year’s Disrupt, founder Zach Perret talked candidly about the highs and lows of Plaid's journey.

Plaid unveils new collaboration network aimed at giving fintechs a way to share fraud intelligence

Fintech startup Plaid got its start as a company that connects consumer bank accounts to financial applications, but has since been gradually expanding its offerings.

Fintech giants face uphill battle

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Plaid lays off 20% of staff

Fintech decacorn Plaid is laying off 260 employees, or about 20% of its workforce, the company announced today. While specific details around who exactly was affected remain unknown, sources in recent

Plaid names former Meta exec as its new payments head

Plaid today announced that it has named Meta veteran John Anderson to serve as its new head of payments. The fintech startup has slowly been evolving its offerings beyond its core product of account l

Five months after a $55M Series B, fintech Argyle cuts jobs

Argyle, which wants to help companies and institutions get access to employment records, has laid off a number of employees across all departments, TechCrunch has learned from sources. A spokesperson

As a Stripe investor cuts the value of its stake, more evidence of fintech valuation pressure

Stripe is one of the most valuable companies in the fintech game, period, and an obvious bellwether for the fintech startup market.

The next decade for health tech may look a lot like the last decade for fintech

Will healthcare startups tap into new regulatory guidelines with the same fervor that fintech founders have over the last decade?

Plaid adds read-only support for leading crypto exchanges

Plaid, the company building data transfer technologies to power fintech and digital finance products like smartphone-based wallets, today announced that it’s adding support for leading crypto ex

For businesses seeking low-code fintech infrastructure options, there’s a Quiltt for that

Company founders pivoted when customers wanted their fintech data engine over their budgeting app.

DEUNA enters Latin America’s crowded one-click checkout sector flush with $37M

The company is targeting the region's challenges of customer acceptance, conversion and fraud with its "Commerce 3.0" payment infrastructure. 

Fintech Kasheesh wants financially strained customers to say ‘bye’ to BNPL

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) products have become incredibly popular with users, and both startups and tech behemoths such as Apple have taken notice. But BNPL companies have attracted some controversy,

The rise of API-first companies, in fintech and beyond

It's not just in fintech that API solutions are on the rise — and helping solve a great range of problems.

A ping-pong match between bulls and bears

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