Dorm Room Fund has built a CRM for founders raising a seed round

First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund just released VCWiz, a tool to help founders find investors and raise money from them. The platform is one part VC directory and one part CRM tool, essential

The two best pieces of early-stage pitching advice

Over the past 10 years I've been on the first cap tables of three startups for which I've been responsible for closing their capital-raising efforts. I’ve raised money from the smallest angel invest

The Art Of The Pitch

I’m fortunate in my day to day. I have the privilege of hearing new and exciting ideas, both by seasoned and budding entrepreneurs. I remind myself that not too many moons ago, I was in their shoes

Does Your Startup Pitch Suck? Call PitchPhone And Practice

<em>Um, we leverage crowdsourcing and um, like, people's social graph to like find out about new discoveries and the people and places you might find interesting.</em> <strong>Right, OK. But what do y