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  • Internet Killed The Magazine Star

    Internet Killed The Magazine Star

    I’ve been musing on whether or not to weigh in on the demise of PC World, a computer “magazine” that was once printed on “paper.” Founded after the acquisition of PC Magazine by Ziff-Davis publishing, PC World’s story is so similar to the stories of the major blogs these days that it is worth a brief look. Read More

  • To Bookmark This PCWorld Article On The Future Of Browsers, Just Lick Your Screen

    Some people dislike April Fools Day. We do not. In fact, we think those who do are wrong. Not to mention a little weird, too. It’s just damn funny when we post things like Google going nuclear and witness respectable industry blogs like Venturebeat break the news in quasi real time … only to realize we were just kidding later on. Good times. But you know what’s better than a… Read More

  • Harry McCracken Returns To PC World

    Oh snap! Guess who’s back at PC World? That’s right, Phil Harry McCracken is back at the magazine, now as Editor In Chief and Vice President. This comes after a huge storm over at PC World, when last week, McCracken walked out and resigned during a meeting when CEO Colin Crawford shot down an anti-Mac story, fearing it would piss off advertisers. Read More

  • Negative Apple Article, Ad Pressure Leads to PC World Editor Resignation: Commoner Than We Think?

    This is more meta than we’re used to ’round here, but PC World‘s editor, Harry McCracken, just quit the magazine because he planned to write an article called “Ten Things We Hate About Apple.” But we all know that’s it’s actually been made illegal in the past few years to write anything critical about Apple. One of the publisher’s higher-ups… Read More

  • Top Five Vista Annoyances, Courtesy PC World

    Regular readers by now know that I bag on Vista from time to time. It’s true, I do. But I’m the kind of guy who’s main irritation comes from things that could be better, but aren’t. When things (or people) don’t live up to their potential, I get frustrated. Thus my displeasure with Vista. There are some great things in the OS, but overall it wasn’t well… Read More