To Bookmark This PCWorld Article On The Future Of Browsers, Just Lick Your Screen

Some people dislike April Fools Day. We do not. In fact, we think those who do are wrong. Not to mention a little weird, too.

It’s just damn funny when we post things like Google going nuclear and witness respectable industry blogs like Venturebeat break the news in quasi real time … only to realize we were just kidding later on. Good times. But you know what’s better than a good April Fools joke?

A good April Fools joke that keeps on giving long after April 1 has passed.

This morning, I picked up on a tweet from Opera Software, embedded above, pointing to a PCWorld article on the future of the Web browser. Titled ‘Your Browser in Five Years’, it’s an interesting read on how browsers are undergoing changes that could potentially alter our day-to-day computing lives in the coming years.

Writes PC World’s Jeff Bertolucci:

Meanwhile, Google is building voice recognition and text-to-speech functionality for browsers. And Opera Software’s free Opera browser–which pioneered voice and mouse-gesture browsing–also supports face gestures through your Webcam.

Face Gestures. To control your browser. Next time, better check that publication date, Jeff. :)

And I truly hope you didn’t watch that video without wondering if this was actually real.