Harry McCracken Returns To PC World

Oh snap! Guess who’s back at PC World? That’s right, Phil Harry McCracken is back at the magazine, now as Editor In Chief and Vice President. This comes after a huge storm over at PC World, when last week, McCracken walked out and resigned during a meeting when CEO Colin Crawford shot down an anti-Mac story, fearing it would piss off advertisers.

The article ended up being printed anyway and now everyone looks like a big crybaby. PC World must have begged McCracken to rejoin after readers started protesting and canceling their subscriptions. Crawford has since been removed from his position as CEO and is now executive vice president, online. Sounds like a big shaft to me. But hey, as long as everything works out in the end for McCracken, I’d consider this case closed. Wait there never was a case. What?

Editor in Chief Harry McCracken Returns to PCW [PC World]