Top Five Vista Annoyances, Courtesy PC World

Regular readers by now know that I bag on Vista from time to time. It’s true, I do. But I’m the kind of guy who’s main irritation comes from things that could be better, but aren’t. When things (or people) don’t live up to their potential, I get frustrated. Thus my displeasure with Vista. There are some great things in the OS, but overall it wasn’t well executed. But I’m a general-opinion kinda guy. If you want a run-down of annoyances, you need to talk to Ed and Eric at PC World.

The two Es of PCW have a 5-step, easy-to-digest-on-your-smoke break run down of what they consider the biggest disappointments in Vista. For the most part, they’re right on, though I’d swap the “larger icons” peeve for the “total god damned resource hog”, but that’s just me.

Hit the link for the list. What do you think? What shouldn’t have made the cut? Or, more to the point, what would you add?

The Most Annoying Things About Windows Vista [PC World, via Yahoo! News]