X adds support for passkeys globally on iOS

X, formerly Twitter, is rolling out support for passkeys, a new and more secure login method compared with traditional passwords, to all iOS users globally. The option debuted in January, but only for

X adds support for passkeys on iOS after removing SMS 2FA support last year

X, formerly Twitter, today announced support for passkeys, a new and more secure login method than traditional passwords, which will become an option for U.S. users on iOS devices. The technology has

WhatsApp is launching passkey support on Android

WhatsApp is introducing support for passkeys on Android, the Meta-owned messaging service has announced. With this change, users will no longer have to deal with SMS two-factor authentication as they

Amazon quietly rolls out support for passkeys, with a catch

Amazon has quietly rolled out support for passkeys as it becomes the latest tech giant to join the passwordless future. But you still might have to hold onto your Amazon password for a little while lo

Google makes passkeys the default sign-in method for all users

Google has announced that passkeys, touted by the tech giant as the “beginning of the end” for passwords, are becoming the default sign-in method for all users. Passkeys are a phishing-resistant a

GitHub launches passkey support into general availability

GitHub is formally launching its passkeys security feature into general availability, two months after first debuting it in beta. Passkeys offer cloud-synced authentication using cryptographic key pai

Windows 11 gains support for managing passkeys

Windows 11 has gained support for passkeys, the digital credentials that can be used as an authentication method for websites and apps.

TikTok introduces passkey support for iOS devices

TikTok is introducing support for passkeys on iPhones, allowing users to sign in with either Touch ID or Face ID instead of entering passwords. Passkeys are password replacements that can confirm your

Safari will soon make it easier to share phishing-resistant passkeys

Apple is making it slightly easier to share passkeys with a new Safari feature shipping in macOS Sonoma and iOS 17. Security didn’t get much of a mention during Apple’s WWDC keynote on Mon

Google Workspace and Cloud get support for passkeys

A month ago, Google rolled out passkey support to consumer Google accounts. Today, it is extending this to business users, with the open beta launch of passkeys for Google Workspace and Cloud accounts

1Password’s new service lets businesses quickly adopt passkeys

Password manager 1Password today launched a new service, Passage by 1Password, that’s designed to allow businesses to build passkey authentication into their apps and websites without having to

Google now lets you access your account with passkeys rather than passwords

Google announced today that passkeys are now rolling out to Google Account users globally. The news comes nearly a year to the day after Google, Apple, Microsoft and the FIDO Alliance announced a part