Crunch Report | Jeff Bezos Sells $1B in Amazon Stock Annually to Fund Blue Origin

The Kriesel high-performance electric converted Porsche, Jeff Bezos sells $1 billion in stock annually to fund Blue Origin, Hyperloop One completes Vegas test track and 23andMe can now let you know if

ReWalk Robotics is building a ‘soft exoskeleton’ to rehabilitate stroke patients

The Boston-based company that was first to provide robotic legs to paralyzed veterans in the U.S., ReWalk Robotics Ltd., has a new product in development that you won’t see this week at CES. The dev

Make A Three-Minute Call, Help Develop A Test For Parkinson’s Based On Voice Recognition

At TEDx Edinburgh today, <a target="_blank" href="">the BBC reports</a>, mathematician Max Little has launched <a target="_blank" href="http://www.parkinso