Taproot Wizards raises $7.5M for its Ordinals project to bring the ‘magic’ back to Bitcoin

Taproot Wizards, a Bitcoin-focused Ordinals project, is trying to change the way the blockchain is perceived.

Magic Eden launches Bitcoin marketplace as Ordinal inscriptions continue to grow

Magic Eden, one of the largest cross-chain NFT platforms, launched a Bitcoin marketplace for digital artifacts, the company shared on Tuesday. “We are already a multichain platform and believe that

NFTs could give Bitcoin a face-lift as it increases its blockchain demand

The past few weeks in crypto land have been focused on the latest craze: Ordinals. What are Ordinals, you ask?

Ordinals creator views his Bitcoin-centric creation as ‘digital artifacts,’ not just NFTs

About 122,500 Bitcoin-focused Ordinals have been inscribed to date as the project gains momentum across the crypto ecosystem.