Optional Practical Training

Dear Sophie: What are the quickest visa options for bringing in international talent?

Most of our team works remotely, but some of our potential recruits would want to work in the office. What are the quickest visa options we should consider?

Dear Sophie: What should we know about the H-1B lottery before we hire STEM OPTs?

What do I and my founding team at our early-stage startup need to be aware of so we can be on track for the next H-1B lottery for the STEM OPT candidates we’re hiring?

Dear Sophie: What are my F-1 OPT options if my crypto job is no longer available?

I’m an F-1 student who had a job lined up with a crypto company, but they rescinded my job offer. What are my options, especially if I want to create my own web3 startup?

Dear Sophie: Can a startup sponsor a graduating co-founder?

What are the options for an advanced-degree graduate from a U.S. university who wants to co-found a startup upon graduation? Can the newly minted company or other co-founders sponsor the recent grad?

Dear Sophie: How can early-stage startups compete for talent?

As a first-time, early-stage startup founder, I find it difficult to compete against other startups on compensation. Any advice for reducing the cost of recruiting from abroad?

Dear Sophie: Startup recruiting strategies for international students and recent grads?

I'm a recruiter at a startup, and I’m looking for an edge to onboard top engineers who are about to graduate from a U.S. university and who mention CPT, OPT and STEM OPT. How do we recruit them?