There’s now just one Blockbuster remaining in the US

And then there was one. With the impending closures of Blockbuster locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska, just one single store will remain in the country, Anchorage Daily News reported yester

What to look for in the next Pokémon Go

If you had to crown an “App of the Summer,” Pokémon Go would undoubtedly be at the top of the list. The app became a household name within days of its July launch and was the most downloaded iOS

The Nintendo 64 turns 20 today

It was on June 23, 1996 that the Nintendo 64 made its debut — in Japan, that is. We wouldn't see it on this side of the Pacific for another three months. But today is its proper birthday, and 20 yea

Windows 95 on the Apple Watch features the world’s most twee Start button

Big, complex things running on tiny things is a common theme this week. Earlier we had a hack that put Counter-Strike on Android Wear, and today some maniac has installed Windows 95 on his Apple Watch

A Switched-Off Christmas

Martins Ferry, Ohio is a little town nestled close to the Ohio River. For decades it was a steel town, built up and brought low by the rise and fall of Wheeling Steel. When the smoke cleared and the b

Remembering Your First Computer Is For Old People

Because we just experienced the <a href="">one-year anniversary</a> of Steve J

Happy birthday, NCSA Mosaic!

<img src="" />Good golly, was it really <em>seventeen</em> years ago that NCSA Mosaic 1.0 was released? How far we've come in the ne

Nostalgia week continues with Apple ][, Pascal, and old-fashioned newsletters!

<img src="" /> Hot on the heels of <a href="">our celebration of the BBS</a inks deal with Activision to sell DRM-free classic adventure games

<img title="gk" src="" alt="" width="620" height="346" />Hot damn, you guys. Hot damn. Good Old Games -- -- is now selling old Activi

Remember Pee-Wee’s Playhouse? Remember Clocky? Get Clocky on eBay

<img src="">Ah, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, my favorite TV show when I was a kid. If you find yourself searching for some kitsch to deck out

Modern movies set adrift as Atari games

Ah, nostalgia. Your gentle touch knows no limits. Today you’ve taken modern movies and shown us what they would have looked like as video games from 30 years ago.

The early days of John Madden Football

<img src="" alt="Madden" />Great article over at Edge Online for anyone interested in the early days of EA's John Madden Football fran

8-bit Trip: Stop-motion LEGO + Nostalgia + Chiptune

If this video doesn’t warm the swollen-shut cockles of your adult heart, then you didn’t grow up in the eighties. I, for one, was awash in a sea of Atari, NES, LEGO, and Pac-Man. The stop-

USB hub looks like an old cassette tape

<img src="" alt="tape" />If you feel like you've been dragged kicking and screaming into the wonderful world of technol

Goodbye, entire rest of the summer — King's Quest and Space Quest collections now available on Steam

<img src="" alt="sierra" />Be still, my beating heart. I've been this excited before, but I can't remember when. Some of the greatest games

Good Times (get it?): Clocks made from Atari cartridges

<img src="" alt="atari" />Combine your longing for the good old days of early video gaming with your obsessive need to be on t

The HP-35: The most important Reverse Polish Notation calculator in the world [Update]

<img src="">The beloved HP-35, one of the first scientific calculators able to "perform transcendental functions such

Time warp! 3dfx updates its Voodoo drivers

I love this. Back in the day before it was AMD’s Radeon vs. NVIDIA’s GeForce, it was Riva’s TNT vs. 3DFX’s Voodoo. At that stage there were serious differences and advantages,

SEGA releasing 40-game ‘Ultimate Genesis Collection’ for PS3 and 360 early next year, will cost $30

You guys! SEGA will be releasing a title for the Xbox 360 and PS3 called “Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection” early next year for $30. The game will include 40 classic Genesis games, all upgrad

The Moog Guitar gets a review from a guy we know Hey, I know that guy. Didn’t he used to sell street dogs down the block from that three-story gay bar on Pine Street? No, w
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