The Nixie Machine II is a mean-looking clock for serious geeks

Nixie (“Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1”) tubes were displays used for digital readouts before the advent of the LED. Popular with James Bond villains who wanted to rule the world yet

A Vegas Drone Rodeo In The Rain

Just like last year, we paid a visit to the annual Drone Rodeo in the Nevada desert ahead of the first day of CES this year. Unlike last year, though, the weather was horrible. As we arrived at the C

These Hand-Made, Solar-Powered Nixie Watches Are Retro-Tastic

<a href="">Nixie</a> watches are nothing new - Woz wears one sometimes - but these glowing tubes, originally designed in the 1970s for heavy-duty industrial displays, a

This DIY Nixie Clock Uses No More Components Than Necessary

If you want to recreate what it was like for hobbyists before the advent of the integrated circuit, this clock is for you. This thing uses "215 discrete transistors, 518 diodes, 472 resistors and 101

A Nixie Tube display that looks like something Q would use

Tim at The Transistor in Provo, Utah, built his own Nixie display using an Arduino board, a serial converter, and a heavy-duty DC-DC converter to power the tubes. More great videos after the jump.

DIY: Turn your digital picture frame into a nixie clock

<img src="" />Apparently, it's DIY Sunday here at Crunchgear. Here's another little project for you to do, using an inexpensive digital pi

K7 Klok Kit: Nixie Tubes for All

We love Nixie tubes. They are vacuum tubes once used as readouts for old timey electronics like nuclear reactor control rooms and James Bond villian bombs. Now you can build your own Nixie clock with