Messaging App Nimbuzz Goes To UK’s New Call In $250M Deal

Yet more consolidation in the messaging app business: Nimbuzz, an early mover in messaging that currently has 200 million+ users with a large number of those in India, has been majority acquired by Ne

Indian Deregulation Opens Door for Messaging App Nimbuzz To Become A Telco

While most messaging app developers are chasing each others' fluffy white tails further and further down the rabbit hole (i'm pretty sure there's a sticker out there that illustrates this point), Indi

Nimbuzz Offers Free Service To Hutch In Sri Lanka, Continues To Push Telco Strategy in Asia

Nimbuzz is continuing its push for South Asian dominance with its latest telco partnership. The Indian messaging startup just announced a tie-up with Hutch in Sri Lanka, offering six months of free Ni

Nimbuzz Releases Windows Phone 8 App For A Smart Phone Push In Emerging Markets

<a target="_blank" href="">Nimbuzz</a>, which has become a major mobile messaging application for emerging markets like India, is making a more aggressive moves into smartphone platf

Nimbuzz Hits 150M Emerging Market Users, Puts The Heat On Facebook In Asia

Free messaging apps are a dime a dozen these days. There's everything from Viber, to Skype, to WhatsApp to GroupMe. But while these startups concentrated on smartphone apps, it has been in the emergin

Skype Demands Mobile App Nimbuzz Remove Support, Effective October 31st

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <strong>Exclusive:</strong> <a href="">Nimbuzz</a>, a popular m

New Nimbuzz app runs natively on BlackBerry phones

<img src="" width="120" height="200" />Mobile communication startup <a href="">Nimbuzz</a> has jus

Nimbuzz Introduces Native IM App For BlackBerry Smartphones

<img src="" width="120" height="200" />Mobile communication startup <a href="">Nimbuzz</a> has just

eBuddy Debuts Premium iPhone App

<img src="" width="200" height="200" /> Nearly five months after launching a <a href="

Nimbuzz Releases Mac Desktop Client, iPhone App Updates

<img src="" width="215" height="97" />In a move that will appeal to many of its Apple-loving users, <a href="">Nimbu

JAJAH Connects 1 Billionth Call, Courtesy Of Yahoo Voice

<img src="" width="180" height="200" />VoIP service provider <a href="">JAJAH</a> just recently turned three yea

eBuddy, The Swiss Army Knife For Instant Messaging, Is Now Available On Android

<a href=""><img src="" width="155" height="200" /></a>The Netherlands-based <a href="http://www.ebuddy.c

Mobile Communication Startup fring Bags More Funding

<img src="" width="161" height="62" /> <a href="">Fring</a>, the Israel-based mobile call and c

Nimbuzz Pushes New iPhone VoIP App, Supports Calling Over 3G

<img src="" width="215" height="98" /><a href="">Nimbuzz</a> is launching a brand new VoIP application for the iPho

Skype Integration On Handsets: Threat Or Opportunity For Mobile VoIP Startups?

<img src="" /><a href="">Skype</a> is (finally) teaming up with mobile handset maker Nokia to get th

Nimbuzz Strikes Major Distribution Deal With StudiVZ, Germany's Largest Social Network

<img src="" /> Holland-based IM and VoIP services provider <a href="">Nimbuzz</a> has just announced a noteworthy s

European Mobile VoIP Startup Nimbuzz Raises $15 Million

Mike Butcher at TechCrunch UK reports: Word has reached me that Netherlands-based Nimbuzz, the mobile VoIP and IM startup that extends into social networks, has raised $15 million in a second round le

Nimbuzz Takes VoiP, IM Voice to Mobiles

I know someone who’s running a flavor of Skype on his Treo, talking to friends and family without using minutes that eat away at his plan. It’s a great idea, if your phone supports it. For

Nimbuzz Talk Launches, Connects Mobiles and PCs

MobileCrunch has announced the beta release of Nimbuzz Talk, a mobile/PC app that connects cellphone and PC users. The application supports voice, presence, conference calls, and SMS messaging between

Nimbuzz releases full featured mobile communication software

Oliver over at MobileCrunch posted exclusive coverage this morning of a new free service called Nimbuzz that he believes could really shake up the mobile world. Users can IM with MSN and GoogleTalk us