Nimbuzz Takes VoiP, IM Voice to Mobiles

I know someone who’s running a flavor of Skype on his Treo, talking to friends and family without using minutes that eat away at his plan. It’s a great idea, if your phone supports it. For the rest of you, have a look at Nimbuzz.

Nimbuzz is a Java-based program you load to your handset that allows you to initiate instant message conversations with others via Windows Live, bypassing your phone’s built-in IM client. But what’s great is that it also has built-in support for the network’s Voice features, meaning you can make voice calls to other Windows Live users (mobile or not), or even to other phones, using the way-low prices Windows Live affords you.

This means that any data-connected cell running Java has a fairly decent chance of running this specialized version of VoiP, bypassing the cellular voice network altogether. It’s tricky, and we haven’t seen it in action yet, but it’s definitely a fantastic idea and something worth trying.

Nimbuzz Talk Goes Live! [Mobile Crunch]