Nimbuzz Pushes New iPhone VoIP App, Supports Calling Over 3G

Nimbuzz is launching a brand new VoIP application for the iPhone / iPod Touch today, making it one of the most comprehensive communication tools for the platform available today. It took several weeks for the Dutch startup to get the app approved for the iTunes Store, but now that it’s finally there it’s well worth taking a look. (iTunes link)

You could already make free calls to your buddy list over WiFi, but as of today Nimbuzz also enables VoIP calls to landlines and mobiles via Skype-Out, and thanks to partnership agreements with global SIP providers like Gizmo5, Vyke and SIPgate you can now also call over WiFi using the iPod Touch device. And for those not on WiFi, Nimbuzz is introducing a so-called “Dial-Up VoIP” option that lets users make calls over 3G in over 50 countries, using a fresh interface with a full dial-pad (screenshots below). Update: to clarify, what Nimbuzz does is dial a local access number that connects to their VoIP servers when WiFi is unavailable.

Another new feature allows Twitter updates via the Personal Message option in the mobile social messenger app.

Solid stuff.

In other news, Nimbuzz has announced a deal with major Italian social networking portal, which will incorporate its communication services into the community website (which has over 2 million active users). This is very similar to an earlier agreement Nimbuzz reached with Germany’s largest social networking portal, StudiVZ.

Nimbuzz has raised over $25 million in three rounds, mostly from Luxembourg-based Mangrove Capital Partners. The company claims it is growing at 20,000 new users per day now, with a 25% active user base in over 200 countries.