• Nikon D3 Powers Through Mud, Still Works Flawlessly

    I’m consistently amazed at how durable modern cameras are. I mean, old cameras sure — I’ve got an old Canon FTb that would serve just fine as a hammer, or a brick — but my Rebel XSi? I love it, but it feels like a little rough treatment would crack it like an egg. Yet the 7D, Rebel XT, and today this Nikon D3 have all shown that they can take a licking and keep… Read More

  • New Carl Zeiss Lenses Are So Nice, They Come In Their Own Briefcase

    Carl Zeiss just announced a bundle of prime lenses for both Canon and Nikon DSLRs. The bundle includes five prime lenses ranging from a 21mm f2.8 to a 85mm f1.4. All the lenses fit conveniently in a waterproof case, custom fitted for the lenses. These would be great for filmmakers and photographers or anyone with a spare $6000 lying around. Press Release after the break. Read More

  • Nikon Announces ME-1 DSLR-Style Mic For Your New D5100

    So Nikon just put out its new D5100, a consumer-oriented movie and photo machine that competes with Canon’s T3i for consumers looking for both great stills and cinematic video. But a problem DSLRs face with video is the poor sound quality — they generally have weak little pinhole mics that suck wind and sound worse than cell phones. You can get a third-party mic, but it looks… Read More

  • Nikon's D5100 DSLR: Swivel-LCD, In-Camera HD Movie Filters, $800

    The DSLR wars continue, and Nikon may have taken the lead against Canon today with the new D5100, which more than matches Canon’s similarly-priced T3i on features. It has the swiveling LCD we saw leaked back in March, and the specs that Nikon Romania posted by mistake today appear to have been accurate. Read on for the vital statistics and our take. Read More

  • Nikon May Have Leaked Their Own D5100 DSLR

    Nikon may have just accidentally revealed the successor to their D5000 consumer DSLR. This video shows various cameras in the Nikon family, but Nikon Rumors noticed that when it shows the D5000, the LCD is shown swiveled to the left side. The Problem? The D5000 LCD only swivels down. Not much revealed other than that, but a good catch by NR. If the release is soon, it could steal the… Read More

  • Rumor: Nikon D4 To Support Thunderbolt?

    We just got word that the Nikon D4 will be the first DSLR to support Thunderbolt. The rumor became known a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until the other part of the rumor (the new Macbooks) came out that the Nikon rumor appeared more valid. Read More

  • Adobe Photoshop Was Almost Nikon Photoshop

    There’s an interesting history of Nikon’s electronic division over at, and among other things, it mentions a fact I didn’t know about Photoshop: before it was bought by Adobe, it was offered to Nikon and a few other camera companies. They turned it down, and perhaps not unwisely: they weren’t software companies, after all. Read More

  • Nikon Makes New Coolpix Line Official

    Hmm, these look familiar. Oh yes, they were leaked earlier today. Most of the info you want (prices, megapixels, lenses) is there, but there’s a bit of new info here as well. Read More

  • Nikon's New Coolpix Lineup Leaked

    It seems that a certain website decided to go live with some new Nikon cameras before the news was fully baked. They’ve since taken the post down, but Nikon Rumors managed to snag most of the content. So what’s Nikon got in store for us this season? Read More

  • Teardown Of Nikon D7000 Shows Off The Well-Packed Interior Of A Modern DSLR

    I wouldn’t say this teardown of a D7000 is of particular interest over, say, a Canon or Pentax, but you don’t often get to see brand-new DSLRs cracked open like this. When you think about it, there really is quite a lot of computing power packed into these guys. Being able to process and write thirty 16-megapixel RAW or JPEG images at five or six per second is a serious task. Go… Read More

  • Nikon Wants To Turn Your DSLR Viewfinder Into… A Projector

    This patent, filed by Nikon in Japan, is really baffling me right now. The idea is that the viewfinder or eyepiece would serve not only as a something to put your eye to and frame shots, but also as a pico projector. Isn’t that a little dangerous? Read More

  • Nikontrol 3K Tethers Your Camera To Your PC For Free

    Nikon publishes a program called Camera Control Pro, a software program intended to help the studio photographer by allowing them to tether their camera to a computer. The problem is, Camera Control Pro doesn’t support some of the latest cameras, and it has a $150 price tag. This inspired Nikontrol 3K, a free program that does basically the same thing, but for free. Read More

  • Nikon Working On Combo Manual-Electronic Zoom For Its Lenses

    This is kind of a cool technology Nikon is patenting here. I personally like to do the manual zoom thing when shooting DSLR video, but the slow creeping zoom or quick min-max possible with an electronic zoom rocker are both also valuable tools. As far as I know, there aren’t any consumer cameras that implement both, though I could be wrong about that. At any rate, Nikon is looking into it. Read More

  • Nikon Gives You A Chance To Shoot With A Nat Geo Photographer

    This would be one of those “once in a lifetime” opportunities. Nikon has announced a contest that will allow an aspiring photographer to go on an exclusive photo excursion with a National Geographic photographer. Apparently they’ll also throw in a D7000 in order to make sure you’re ready to take some great pictures. Read More

  • The Luddite's Gift Guide

    With all the hur-de-hur about technological gadgets on these very pages, I submit to you that there is one subset of the community that is underserved by our constant reportage: the Luddite. To that end, I propose a short exploration of the Luddite’s psyche and suggest a few possible items for their consumption this Holiday period. The term Luddite comes from Ned Ludd, the mythical or… Read More

  • Nikon Coolpix P7000 Firmware 1.1 Update Fixes Issues

    Nikon released a firmware update for the P7000 yesterday, fixing many of the problems that came up in the review. Most importantly, the image recording time has improved, and lens control has been optimized. Deets inside. Read More

  • Review: Nikon Coolpix P7000

    Short Version: It’s no secret that I love photography. I’m also very attached to my DSLR. I rarely leave the house without it and consider it to be an important part of my life. That being said, I’ve found something that makes me leave my DSLR at home. I’ve finally found a camera that’s small enough to slip into a pocket but still has the features and qualities… Read More

  • 500MB/s Transfer Speed, 2TB Storage: Sony, Nikon, SanDisk Propose New Memory Card Standard

    It’s time for a new standard for memory cards – according to Sony, Nikon and chip maker SanDisk. The three companies jointly developed a set of specifications for a next-generation memory card for digital cameras and digital video cameras and proposed the specs to the CompactFlash Association. Read More

  • My Picturetown 3D: Nikon's 3D Image Conversion Service For Photo Frames

    Nikon Japan is planning [JP] to offer an online service that allows users to convert conventional 2D images into 3D in order to view them on a dedicated 3D photo frame. Starting December this year, the service will be open to Japanese members of “my Picturetown”, an online photo sharing and storage service run by Nikon (which already exists). Read More

  • Nikon Expands My PictureTown Sharing Service

    Nikon’s MyPictureTown service has been running for a while now, but it still hasn’t pulled in the users that the other sharing services have. There has been some work to change that though, Nikon just announced several upgrades to the service, which will allow users to create PhotoMovies, as well as an improved user interface and more sharing options. Read More