• Nikon Hypes Up Mystery Wednesday Launch

    Nikon Hypes Up Mystery Wednesday Launch

    A new Nikon website has just gone live, the rather curiously-named I guess these guys didn’t want to sell. It consists of a lot of yellow, a countdown at around 43 hours as of this writing, and the ominous message “I AM COMING.” What is coming? Well, we’re guessing it’s Nikon’s mirrorless cameras, the V1 and J1. We saw some leaked specs a… Read More

  • Live Your Space Program Fantasies With A Retro NASA Camera

    Live Your Space Program Fantasies With A Retro NASA Camera

    This beauty is a Nikon F Photomic T, which first hit the streets all the back in 1965. Aside from being a gorgeous piece of retro tech, it’s also one of several NASA-owned cameras from the estate of collector Arthur Keir that have been put up for auction. Read More

  • Rumored Specs For Nikon’s Mirrorless Cameras

    Rumored Specs For Nikon’s Mirrorless Cameras

    All the cool kids are going mirrorless these days. Micro 4/3 cameras like the E-PL3 and luxury compacts like the X100 are starting to capture market share as the format matures and people see the benefits. But Canon and Nikon, the great warring giants of photography, have yet to announce any plans. After all, their mirror-rich DSLR lines sell a ton. They don’t want to make their move… Read More

  • Nikon Updates Its Coolpix Line With New High-End And Rugged Point And Shoots

    Nikon Updates Its Coolpix Line With New High-End And Rugged Point And Shoots

    It’s been a camera-ish day today. Canon released its new Powershot cameras early this morning, Sony just updated its Alpha and NEX lines, and now here we have a bundle of Nikons just coming out. Do they plan it like this, to make things difficult for us bloggers just trying to relax on a warm Tuesday night? Well, let’s get on with it. I’ll make it quick for you. Some of these… Read More

  • Head-To-Head Review: Canon T3i Vs. Nikon D5100

    Head-To-Head Review: Canon T3i Vs. Nikon D5100

    With HD video recording, great image quality, and a solid selection of lenses, the Nikon D5100 and Canon T3i are on the top of a lot of wish lists out there. For people already in the Canon or Nikon camp (full disclosure: I’m a Canon man), the choice is obvious if an upgrade is in their future, but for the less dogmatic and new recruits to the DSLR crowd, it’s not nearly as clear-cut. Read More

  • Leaked Picture Of New Nikon Sensor Suggests Truly Small Mirrorless System

    Leaked Picture Of New Nikon Sensor Suggests Truly Small Mirrorless System

    That Nikon and Canon both have mirrorless cameras solutions in the labs seems like a foregone conclusion. It would be silly for them not to at the very least be looking into it. But this is one of the first glances we’ve had at something other than patent illustrations and spec rumors: a picture that is claimed to be of Nikon’s new compact interchangeable lens camera system. The… Read More

  • Both Nikon And Canon's Image Authentication Systems Busted

    A Russian white-hat security firm, Elcomsoft, has found that Nikon’s system of determining whether an image from one of their cameras has been tampered with is vulnerable to circumvention. Are you on your way to court with photographic element? Read this. Read More

  • Nikon Outs A New Affordable AF-S 50mm f/1.8 With An Internal Autofocus Motor

    You’re not still using your DSLR’s kit lens, right? You are? Nikon’s 50mm lenses are a great place to start thanks to their low price and amazing performance. The new model lacks an aperture ring, but now feature an internal motor, Nikon’s Silent Wave Motor. The older version relied on a the camera’s autofocus motor, which is something Nikon’s entry… Read More

  • iFixit Tears Apart The Nikon D5100, Warns Of "4 Billion Screws"

    There are some electronics that are totally worth fixing yourself. Most modern electronics aren’t, though. But you still do it anyway for shits and giggles. Then there are DSLRs — or in this case, the new Nikon D5100. You’d have to be John Biggs-crazy to tear this thing apart. Read More

  • Nikon D3 Powers Through Mud, Still Works Flawlessly

    I’m consistently amazed at how durable modern cameras are. I mean, old cameras sure — I’ve got an old Canon FTb that would serve just fine as a hammer, or a brick — but my Rebel XSi? I love it, but it feels like a little rough treatment would crack it like an egg. Yet the 7D, Rebel XT, and today this Nikon D3 have all shown that they can take a licking and keep… Read More

  • New Carl Zeiss Lenses Are So Nice, They Come In Their Own Briefcase

    Carl Zeiss just announced a bundle of prime lenses for both Canon and Nikon DSLRs. The bundle includes five prime lenses ranging from a 21mm f2.8 to a 85mm f1.4. All the lenses fit conveniently in a waterproof case, custom fitted for the lenses. These would be great for filmmakers and photographers or anyone with a spare $6000 lying around. Press Release after the break. Read More

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