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  • Synology Brings Its First Router To The U.S.

    Synology Brings Its First Router To The U.S.

    Synology isn’t exactly a household name in the U.S. yet, but the Taiwanese company is definitely trying to make more of a name for itself here. The company has long offered its various DiskStation network-attached storage (NAS) devices, but now it’s also bringing its first router (the RT1900ac) to the U.S. market. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 2TB network drive with built-in USB print server for $299 after $60 mail-in rebate

    Wow. I kinda wish I had $300 to burn and enough crap to put on this thing because a two-terabyte network drive with a built-in USB print server might look nice sitting betwixt my router and printer. has the Cavalry network hard drive with two one-terabyte SATA hard drives that can be mooshed into a RAID array for $359.99, plus a $60 mail-in rebate that’s good until November… Read More

  • LG has a NAS (n. the rapper) with built-in Blu-ray

    Credit to LG for demoing the world’s first network attached storage (NAS) with a built-in Blu-ray burner. Those are two really different technologies, a high capacity disc and a high capacity disk, but I guess LG is giving the people what they want. (How many of you have Blu-ray burners, by the way, and why?) The NAS supports up to 4TB using four HDDs, while the built-in Blu-ray drive… Read More

  • Review: Drobo and DroboShare

    Drobo phone home
    Most of you have probably heard of Drobo, the data storage robot/system from Data Robotics. We’ve done a review of the original Drobo here on CrunchGear, but recently Drobo was updated with a little brother named DroboShare, which painlessly converts Drobo into a Network Attached Storage device. I’ve had one hanging out with me for several weeks now, and… Read More