Mozilla names long-time chairwoman Mitchell Baker as CEO

Mozilla Corporation announced today that it has chosen long-time chairwoman Mitchell Baker to be CEO, replacing Chris Beard, who announced last August he would be stepping down at the end of the year.

Mozilla lays off 70 as it waits for new products to generate revenue

Mozilla laid off about 70 employees today, TechCrunch has learned. In an internal memo, Mozilla chairwoman and interim CEO Mitchell Baker specifically mentions the slow rollout of the organization&#82

Private search engine Qwant’s new CEO is Mozilla Europe veteran Tristan Nitot

French startup Qwant, whose non-tracking search engine has been gaining traction in its home market as a privacy-respecting alternative to Google, has made a change to its senior leadership team as it

Firefox gets enhanced tracking protection, desktop password manager and more

It’s no secret that Mozilla sees privacy as a differentiating feature for its revitalized Firefox browser. Today, the Firefox team is launching one of its broadest sets of releases that aim to k

It’s the end of crypto as we know it and I feel fine

Watching the current price madness is scary. Bitcoin is falling and rising in $500 increments with regularity and Ethereum and its attendant ICOs are in a seeming freefall with a few “dead cat b

Billionaire Netscape founder Jim Clark is back with a new, self-funded startup

Jim Clark just can’t quit starting companies. The billionaire cofounder of Silicon Graphics, Netscape, myCFO, Healtheon, and Shutterfly, moved to Florida roughly 16 years ago to dive into the Mi

Jonathan Abrams from Nuzzel on mobile applications

It’s become a tech truism that the future is here, just not evenly distributed. But we often lose sight of just how unevenly distributed. We are reaching the point of a mobile computer in every hand

The Year Is 1996. Apple Instructs Its Employees How To Use The Netscape Browser.

Eli Goldberg emails us. He writes: <blockquote>"If you're ever having a slow news day, you might be able to do something funny with this. It's the instructions I received in summer 1996 when sta

The Smartphone Salad Days Are Over

<a HREF="">Horace Dediu</a> notes that Nokia and RIM are on a precipitous decline and that it is now, in short, a two horse race:

(Founder Stories) FlipBoard's Mike McCue: The Builder

<img src="" /> Before <a href="">Mike McCue </a>discovered how to flip an iP

How We All Missed Web 2.0's "Netscape Moment"

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-290927" title="here" src="" alt="" width="300" height="189" /></a>(Editor's note: This is the t

Inside the DNA of the Facebook Mafia

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-274819" title="Godfather_PK_3-RR-Xsm" src="" alt="" width="300" height="221" /

Today is Netscape Navigator's last day; Pour one out for our homie

[photopress:netscape_1.jpg,full,center] It’s a sad day for the Internet, as today marks the final day of Netscape Navigator, the first mass market graphical Webrowser and the precursor to our fa

YouPorn, We're Coming Up Behind You

Now that I have your attention, Compete has released a list of the fastest-growing (and fastest-declining) sites of 2007. Some of the fastest growers include Veoh, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Six A

Powerful Support For Flock. Wait, Nevermind.

When Netscape announced they were shuttering their iconic Internet browser last month, they recommended to users that they consider moving over to Firefox: “We recommend that you download Mozill

A Sad Milestone: AOL To Discontinue Netscape Browser Development

Please observe a moment of silence for the Netscape browser. Netscape Navigator, the browser that launched the commercial Internet in October 1994, will die on February 1, 2008. AOL, which acquired Ne

2007 In Numbers: The Year AOL Killed Netscape's Traffic

Social voting remained a popular past time in 2007 with sites such as Digg more than tripling their audience, but some sites fared better than others according to data from comScore. One name with a l

Netscape Was Better As A Digg Clone: Viewers

Traffic on AOL’s Netscape portal has plummeted since the site dumped its social news voting model and reverted to a new portal, at least according to Alexa. Unfortunately the comScore figures fo

Propeller Will Be The New Netscape Digg Clone

AOL has announced that will be the new home for the Netscape social media experiment. What was once considered a possible Digg-killer is now relegated to the backwaters of AOL. In a stat

Netscape Digg Clone Is Kaput

We’ve known about it for weeks (despite Netscape’s claims that our post was innacurate), but now it’s confirmed: AOL has announced the end of Netscape as a social news portal. In a s
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