2007 In Numbers: The Year AOL Killed Netscape's Traffic

Social voting remained a popular past time in 2007 with sites such as Digg more than tripling their audience, but some sites fared better than others according to data from comScore.

One name with a long history is the AOL owned Netscape.com. The site was relaunched in June 2006 as a Digg clone with high hopes that a new generation would use the once great brand as an alternative to Digg. The strategy failed dismally, but the termination in the end was even worse. From November 2006 through to August 2007 (the last full month as a Digg clone) Netscape’s traffic dropped from 305 million pages views a month to 137 million, a 55.1% drop in 9 months. AOL dumped social voting on Netscape September 19, and things went from bad to worse, with traffic dropping in August from 137 million page views to a dismal 38 million in November, down 72.3%.

The new home for the Netscape social voting experiment Propeller performed reasonably, but failed to capture most of Netscape’s previous social voting audience. With 13 million pages views (according to comScore) in November 07, Propeller has managed to pick up less than 10% of Netscape’s August audience.

The big winner once again in the social voting space was Digg. Starting at 11 million page views in November 2006, Digg saw a 318% increase in traffic to 46 million 12 months later. Reddit fared well increasing from 2 million page views in February 2007 (the first month it was big enough to be recorded by comScore) to 9 million in November, although October was a highpoint with 16 million page views.