• Facebook For Latinos Quepasa Buys myYearbook For $100 Million In Cash And Stock

    Facebook For Latinos Quepasa Buys myYearbook For $100 Million In Cash And Stock

    Quepasa, the Facebook for Latinos has merged with social networking company myYearbook for $100 million, comprised of approximately $82 million in Quepasa common stock and approximately $18 million in cash. MyYearbook, which has raised $17 million in funding, is a profitable social network that focuses on younger teenage users. While still smaller than Facebook, myYearbook is seeing over… Read More

  • Q&A With Geoff Cook: How We Solved The Chatroulette Porn Problem

    At the end of last year, social networking site myYearbook shifted its focus more towards games and introduced a live video chat feature which could have completely backfired. But instead of turning into the next Chatroulette, the site has managed to keep the unwanted live porn vids to a minimum. While Chatroulette still has an estimated nudity rate of 1 in 50 videos, myYTearbook was able to… Read More

  • myYearbook Bets Big On Android With Acquisitions Of Five Apps, FlockEngine

    Social networking company myYearbook this morning announced it has acquired five new Android apps to support its mobile strategy and grow its team. In addition, the company acquired FlockEngine, which powers multiplayer games on Android phones. The acquisitions include Toss It, Tic Tac Toe (both of which are among the top 30 most downloaded free Android games), Minesweeper, SpringDroid, and… Read More

  • MyYearbook Introduces Realtime Social Gaming With Video Chat

    In general, the key driver of social networking so far is games on Facebook. But most of those games aren’t social in the way that playing Monopoly or cards with your friends and family over the holidays is social. MyYearbook, which is a small but profitable social network focussing on younger teenage users, is going to try to make online games more social by getting its members to… Read More

  • Outside the Echo Chamber: Growing A Startup In New Hope, PA

    This guest post is written by Geoff Cook, cofounder and CEO of social networking site myYearbook. It describes the challenges of running a startup from New Hope, PA — a small town whose other notables include Chris Fralic of First Round Capital and members of the indie rock band Ween. Here he offers his perspective on running a venture-backed startup outside of not only the Valley… Read More

  • myYearbook's Chatter Driving 1 Million Updates A Day, 1 Billion Page Views A Month

    Many people have never heard of myYearbook, a social network that skews pretty young (half of its members are teenagers). But it’s got a substantial audience, with around 55.7 million visits and 4.3 million uniques a month, according to comScore. And recently, it’s been growing very quickly — according to comScore, unique visits are up 23% since last November, and page… Read More

  • MyYearbook Rolls Out Its Crowdsourced Redesign

    This week, social networking site MyYearbook launched a revamped design, changing some key UI elements to better reflect the way people use the site. One of the more interesting points of the redesign isn’t its appearance though —┬áit’s how it was actually put together. Rather than simply rolling out a new design, MyYearbook actually polled its userbase for suggestions… Read More

  • myYearbook Finds Profitability In Hyper-Competitive Social Networking World

    At best people consider myYearbook an afterthought in the social networking world – they weren’t even included in our 2009 Social Network valuation model because of a lack of available traffic data. And yet…the company has managed to achieve profitability, a goal some of its huge competitors are still struggling to reach. CEO Geoff Cook told me today that the company is… Read More

  • I Wish More People Bcc'd Us On Their Confidential Acquisition Emails

    Yesterday myYearbook CEO Geoff Cook reached out to FunAdvice President Jeremy Goodrich to talk about a possible acquisition. Based on certain assumptions, Cook said, he’d be prepared to offer $125,000 cash up front, $25,000 in consulting fees and $125,000 in MyYearBook stock. Goodrich emailed Cook back and bcc’d us with his response: no deal. I asked Goodrich, who I don’t… Read More

  • Meebo Brings Real-Time Chat To myYearbook

    Meebo‘s Community IM is getting its biggest vote of confidence yet tonight, when it is deployed on popular social network myYearbook. Community IM is Meebo’s answer to Facebook Chat, offering publishers and social networks a way to introduce a persistent chat bar at the bottom of their sites without having to develop one on their own. And while Meebo had deployed the product to… Read More

  • Teen Social Network myYearbook Gets $13 Million

    myYearbook, a social network for teenagers that launched in 2005, has raised $13 million in a Series B funding round led by Norwest Venture Partners, US Venture Partners, and First Round Capital. The new round brings the company’s total funding to $18.6 million. myYearbook says it sees 10 million unique visitors monthly, and also makes the claim that it is the third largest social… Read More

  • MyYearBook Gunning For Facebook Market

    MyYearBook, founded in 2005, just announced a $4.1 million round venture financing led by U.S. Venture Partners and First Round Capital. The site has a look and feel suspiciously similar to Facebook (with a little MySpace chaos thrown in). Growth has been strong, with MyYearBook claiming 1.7 million registered users (mostly in the U.S.), and over 5 million unique visitors per month. The rumor… Read More