Meebo Brings Real-Time Chat To myYearbook

Meebo‘s Community IM is getting its biggest vote of confidence yet tonight, when it is deployed on popular social network myYearbook. Community IM is Meebo’s answer to Facebook Chat, offering publishers and social networks a way to introduce a persistent chat bar at the bottom of their sites without having to develop one on their own. And while Meebo had deployed the product to 25 partner sites before now, myYearbook is the largest by a substantial margin, with over nine million monthly unique visitors.

We’ve known this was coming for a long time – in fact, we reported on it when Meebo’s Community IM product was first announced last July. But Meebo took its time to actually roll out the product, having only launched it on three partner sites by the end of January 2009. Since then, things have been moving much more quickly, with Community IM now live on 25 sites. Meebo also has over 65 total partners signed.

Meebo is really nailing it with Community IM, offering publishers a way to increase engagement while at the same time giving them another source of revenue (it’s bringing its highly performing interactive ad platform to partners next month). Add that to the fact that real-time community toolbars seem to be quickly becoming the norm (even YouTube is testing its own), and it looks like Meebo won’t have any shortage of partners to deploy Community IM to.