• Singing The Blues: MySpace Music Loses Nearly Half Its Audience, And Its President

    Remember MySpace Music? It was supposed to put online music streaming on the the right track. But with all the layoffs, shrinking audience and turmoil at parent MySpace, MySpace Music is singing the blues. According to comScore, only 17 million people in the U.S. visited MySpace Music in January, 2011, which is down 46 percent from the previous year. Pandora is now bigger on the Web, with… Read More

  • Myspace Music Teams Up With Songtrust For Music Publishing Management Services

    Songtrust (founded in October, 2010) and Myspace Music this morning announced a partnership to bring Songtrust’s music publishing management services to the social network’s (vast) audience of DIY songwriters and bands. A division of Downtown Music, Songtrust’s digital rights management solution empowers indie songwriters and artists to manage their music publishing and… Read More

  • Visits to MySpace UK have halved in 6 months say sources

    The number of visitors to MySpace UK has halved in the last six months, TechCrunch Europe has learned, leading to a fresh round of layoffs at the London office of the social networking site. According to internal figures that we’ve seen, monthly visits to MySpace UK are down from a peak of just under 10 million at the start of the year to around 5m as of the end of June 2010. If indeed… Read More

  • After More Than 10 Years, Indie Music Community Folds, the well-known indie music store, discovery & review service and online community, will be discontinued as of July 15th, 2010, more than 10 years after it first saw the light of day. In an email sent to users this morning, the company that spawned social music discovery service iLike (now part of MySpace), the GarageBand team says users can register for an iLike account to… Read More

  • Veoh Founder Dmitry Shapiro Joins MySpace Music As CTO

    Dmitry Shapiro, the founder and CEO of shuttered video site Veoh, is joining MySpace Music today as Chief Technology Officer. Shapiro will report directly to Courtney Holt, President of MySpace Music. In his new role, Shapiro will be “responsible for all aspects of technical developments for the MySpace Music platform”, including new versions of artist profiles and tools as well as… Read More

  • Navigaya is One Ultra-Hot Content Platform (Exclusive TechCrunch Access)

    What single adjective best describes Navigaya? Gorgeous? Stylish? Addictive? Having spent a few weeks playing with it, I’d have to concede, all of the above. There really is just no way around it, Navigaya is one of the most mesmerizing content products I’ve seen in a while. Just watch the video demo above for a taste, or better yet, be one of the 1000 TechCrunch Readers to… Read More

  • YouTube Helps Vevo Overtake MySpace Music In The U.S. (Plus, Top Ten Music Properties)

    The biggest U.S. music service on the Web in December was Vevo, a new entrant which is a joint venture between Google, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music. Dubbed the “Hulu of music videos,” Vevo attracted 35.4 million unique visitors in December, 2009, putting it above the 33.1 million visitors who went to MySpace Music, according to estimates put out today by comScore. … Read More

  • Did Apple's Lala Deal Leave A Lump Of Coal In Google's Music Onebox Stocking?

    Of all the things Google has launched this past year, the most useful may be its Music Onebox feature that allows you to easily play popular music from Google Search results. Following its debut in October, I found myself using it left and right for songs I wanted to listen to. One thing I noticed was that while deals were in place with iLike, imeem, Rhapsody, and Pandora, the majority of… Read More

  • As Online Music Falters, Pandora Doubled To 40 Million Users This Year.

    Online music services have had a bad few weeks. Imeem got bought by MySpace for next to nothing, Lala got bought by Apple for something ranging from a little to not-very-much. Spotify continues to be a no-show in the U.S. But at least one service, Pandora, appears to be doing quite well for itself. The service has announced that it surpassed 40 million registered users earlier this month. Read More

  • MySpace Continues To Get Trashed Over Imeem Shutdown

    It’s been nearly a week since MySpace Music closed its acquisition of some of the assets of music service Imeem and redirected to MySpace took a lot of heat for the sudden shutdown of the Imeem service, particularly the API. But the fact is that MySpace didn’t shut the Imeem service down. Imeem’s creditors and the music labels did. If MySpace… Read More

  • Ok, Now It's Done. MySpace Music Completes Acquisition Of iMeem

    MySpace Music has completed its acquisition of most of the assets of music service iMeem. We first broke the news that MySpace was close to acquiring iMeem last month. Two days later, we reported that an agreement was signed to purchase the assets of the company for $1 million in cash. The deal didn’t close, however, because some of the assets MySpace Music was going to buy (namely… Read More

  • MySpace Music makes its way to the UK

    MOG may well be hitting a sweet spot with its All Access service, but it’s only available in the United States for now. Its most obvious competitor, MySpace Music, was too (apart from Australia and New Zealand) until a minute ago when the company made its official debut in the United Kingdom just over a year and two months after it was launched stateside. Looks like the… Read More

  • MySpace Music Finally Lands In The UK

    MOG may well be hitting a sweet spot with its All Access service, but it’s only available in the United States for now. Its most obvious competitor, MySpace Music, was too (apart from Australia and New Zealand) until a minute ago when the company made its official debut in the United Kingdom just over a year and two months after it was launched stateside. Looks like the… Read More

  • MySpace Signs Agreement To Acquire iMeem

    On Monday we broke the news that MySpace was in late stage negotiations to acquire music service iMeem. Those negotiations are now concluded, we’ve heard from multiple sources, and an agreement has been signed. MySpace will acquire most of the assets of iMeem for a purchase price of around $1 million in cash. $1 million isn’t the “real” purchase price for the company. Read More

  • MySpace Close To Acquiring iMeem

    MySpace is in late stage negotiations to acquire music streaming service iMeem, we’ve confirmed from multiple sources. MySpace is on a bit of an acquisition spree – they acquired iLike, another music service, three months ago. The iMeem acquisition isn’t yet finalized, we’ve heard from sources, and awaits approval from various stakeholders. We don’t know the price… Read More

  • MOG Shows A Teaser Video Of New Music Service

    A month ago we were criticizing MOG for over promising and under delivering with their new All Access music service. Our chief complaint was that the service wasn’t free, which was the original vision. Today though, we reported that the odds are against Spotify launching for free in the U.S., and MySpace Music may move to a subscription model. Suddenly, MOG may be right in the thick… Read More

  • Google Music Onebox: Video Interviews With Just About Everyone Involved

    TechCrunch writer Jason Kincaid traveled down to Los Angeles earlier today to cover the launch of Google Music Onebox. In addition to his live notes from the event and the panel, he managed to point his camera at just about everyone involved in the new service: Google Director Product Management Search R.J. Pittman, MySpace Music President Courtney Holt and LaLa founder Bill Nguyen. Jason… Read More

  • Google Music Service: The Screenshots

    None of the companies involved will confirm the new Google Music service – we have “no comments” or absolute silence from Google, LaLa, MySpace and iLike. But the new service is all but confirmed. And we have the screenshots showing how the service, which will be announced on October 28, will look to prove it. Matt Ghering, a product marketing manager at Google, has been one… Read More

  • Pearl Jam Takes Over MySpace Music With New Album Debut

    When I came to write for TechCrunch, I never realized that I would get to write about my favorite band while I was growing up, so often. But I do once again today because Pearl Jam has an exclusive deal to premiere their new album on MySpace. The album, Backspacer, will begin streaming live today on MySpace Music, a few days before it’s available in stores and online to purchase. Read More

  • MySpace Music Rolls Out A Sleek, More Interactive Homepage

    MySpace may not be the leader in the social networking space anymore, but its free music streaming site, MySpace Music, has been growing fast. Which is why it’s not surprising that the social network is continuing to improve on this popular product. Today, it appears that MySpace Music has launched a new version of its homepage with UI redesign and several new features (we’ve… Read More

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