• MySpace Disables Auto-Play Of Profile Songs To Get Streaming Costs Under Control

    MySpace Music, which launched a little less than a year ago, is the one bright spot of growth in an otherwise flatlining MySpace. But all that popularity comes at a price – billions of free streaming songs are costing MySpace up to $10 million a month in streaming fees, says a source, and the joint venture may lose $20 million or more this year. To minimize those losses, MySpace has made… Read More

  • iLike Deal Puts Facebook In Lose/Lose Situation

    As more details emerge about the MySpace-iLike acquisition, all sorts of interesting observations and questions pop up. A few thoughts: The Facebook Angle This is by far the most interesting angle to the deal. iLike is the most popular music application on Facebook, and is the de facto Facebook Music app. That company will shortly be owned by MySpace, Facebook’s primary competitor. That… Read More

  • Breaking: MySpace Close To Acquiring iLike For $20 Million

    MySpace is close to acquiring popular social music service iLike, we’ve confirmed with multiple sources. The deal, which should close this week, will be MySpace’s first acquisition since new CEO Owen Van Natta took control of the company in April 2009. The price is “around $20 million.” iLike, which launched in late 2006, is a social music recommendation service that… Read More

  • MySpace Subtly Debuts A Posthumous Heath Ledger Work

    When Heath Ledger passed away in January 2008, he had no shortage of things he was working on. Just about everyone in the world, it seems, saw The Dark Knight, but he had smaller projects too. One of those was directing a music video for the band Modest Mouse, for their song “King Rat.” Today, that video debuts on MySpace Music. The video, which is animated, is meant be a… Read More

  • MySpace Music Appears To Be A Hit, Increases Traffic Tenfold Year-Over-Year

    MySpace may not be the hottest thing in social networking any longer, with visitor numbers and page views decreasing at an alarming rate, but apparently its free music streaming service MySpace Music is still something of a hit. According to Nielsen data (PDF) for June 2009, traffic to MySpace’s music subdomain has grown 190% since its launch in September 2008 and year-over-year traffic… Read More

  • An Embarrassed Warner Music Regrets MySpace Music Deal

    One thing is for certain – the six month old MySpace Music project is throwing off a lot of cash to the labels. That’s because MySpace’s 75 million or so U.S. users are streaming literally billions of songs a month. And they have to pay for every song streamed. Labels are known to give streaming rates for on demand music of around half a cent per song play, but they are… Read More

  • MySpace Music Announces Executive Team (Internal Memo)

    MySpace Music, the joint venture between MySpace and the major labels to provide free streaming music to users, is announcing its executive team this afternoon. The president of the company, Courtney Holt, was announced late last year. Today the company showing off the rest of the team. The key new executives are Jamie Kantrowitz (SVP Strategy and Global Marketing), Alex Maghen (CTO), Nancy… Read More

  • A Look At The Improved MySpace Music

    Over the last few weeks MySpace Music has quietly rolled out a number of new features that should make the service significantly more appealing to consumers. While MySpace Music kicked off to an fairly impressive start when it launched last September, seeing a huge amount of traffic and streamed songs, even its President Courtney Holt has conceded that it wasn’t very user-friendly… Read More

  • Commerical radio is dead: Why CBS Radio's K-Rock format switch in New York won't make a bit of difference in fight against technological irrelevance

    There’s something wrong with CBS Radio’s press release announcing the launch, complete with silly “countdown,” of 92.3 Now FM in New York City, a contemporary hit radio station that will replace K-Rock on Wednesday, March 11, at 5:00pm. (Contemporary hit radio, in plain English, means garbage pop songs, distinguished by their use of auto-tune and use of… Read More

  • Forget About Those Leaked Downloads, Listen To U2's Entire New Album on MySpace Music

    I’m not sure if this was moved up in response to leaked copiess of U2’s newest album, No Line On The Horizon spreading across the Internet, but the entire the album will be streamed for free at MySpace Music. The player in U2’s MySpace Music page features a single, but if you click on the top album in the sidebar, you can hear the entire thing. MySpace says that the… Read More

  • While Facebook Fiddles, MySpace Music Signs Up Another Five Indie Partners

    MySpace Music added a few hundred thousand songs to its streaming music service today by signing up four more independent-label aggregators (Nettwerk Music Group, INgrooves, IRIS Distribution, and RoyaltyShare) plus indie label Wind-up Records. This comes at a time when Facebook is still facing hurdles to launching its own music service. Read More

  • How Warner Music Killed Facebook Music

    Facebook’s ongoing effort to launch a free streaming music service is stalled, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation. The company was close to a deal that would bring free streaming music from three of the four big labels (Universal, Sony, EMI) through the Total Music joint venture. But the deal stalled when the lone holdout, Warner Music, refused to… Read More

  • MOG Has Created The Ultimate Streaming Music App; Too Bad It May Never Launch

    MOG demo’d the next version of their popular music service to me today, and I was impressed. It combines a best of breed interface with free on demand streaming and a Pandora-like music recommendation engine. The trouble is, it may never launch because only two of the four major music labels are supporting it so far. MOG has a history of doing cool new things around music. The service… Read More

  • 2009: Products I Can't Live Without

    At the beginning of each year I traditionally publish a list of my favorite startups and products. This is the fourth year I’ve done this – previous lists: 2006, 2007, 2008. You guys get to pick the winners of the Crunchies – this list is all mine. This is a list of the products I tend to use daily. Some are for work (WordPress, Delicious, Zoho, etc.), some are for fun… Read More

  • What Was The Best Of The Web in 2008? A Voter's Guide For The Crunchies.

    Last night we released the finalist names for the Crunchies Awards. Vote here for who you think should win. We’ve set up a site that is pretty self-explanatory, with all of the names of each finalist for every category, along with links to their Websites and Crunchbase profiles where you can learn more about each one before voting. The Crunchies represents the best the Web had to offer… Read More

  • Pandora Hits 20 Million Registered Users (Via Twitter)

    Just in via Twitter: Pandora has registered its 20 millionth user. The three-year old music streaming service is trying to hold its own despite tough economics and recent layoffs. Its music-recommendation engine pumps out personalized radio stations over the Web, and its iPhone app remains one the top free apps on iTunes (currently No. 21). Read More

  • First Guns N' Roses Album In 17 Years Debuts Tonight On MySpace Music

    Chinese Democracy, the first new Guns N’ Roses album since 1991, debuts tonight at 9 PM PST exclusively on MySpace Music, where fans can listen to it for free. Well, actually it debuted on BitTorrent a while ago, but we’re not talking about that. Also, the band has previously released two songs, Chinese Democracy and Better, to radio stations and music sites in the past couple… Read More

  • About That MySpace Music Device

    Last Thursday John Battelle sat down with MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe and Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman to discuss the future of music. Some interesting things were said, including remarks by Bronfman that Warner will only sign new artists if they agree to give the label a cut of all possible revenue streams. But the biggest story about the talk, by far, was this: MySpace may be creating… Read More

  • LiveBlogging MySpace's Chris DeWolfe And Warner Music's Edgar Bronfman At Web2.0: Music, Music, Music (And Money)

    MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe and Warner Music Group’s Edgar Bronfman take the stage with John Battelle at the Web 2.0 Summit this evening. The topic: The Future Of Music. The time is ripe. MySpace has launched it’s new MySpace Music initiative; Facebook continues to explore its options. Our live notes are below: John Battelle starts things off by noting that MySpace Music continues to… Read More

  • MySpace Offers MTV Exec The MySpace Music CEO Job

    MySpace has offered MTV Networks’ EVP Digital Music and Media Courtney Holt the top job at the newly launched MySpace Music, CNET reports. We’ve confirmed this through our own sources, and we believe Holt has all but accepted the position and is in the final stages of contract negotiation. The hunt for a CEO is nearly a year old. Earlier this year we reported on some of the… Read More