• The Atari GUI OS Brings Point And Click Goodness To An Old Platform

    The Atari GUI OS Brings Point And Click Goodness To An Old Platform

    If you were born in the 1970s and early 1980s I need you to summon your 10-year-old self to the computer. Go ahead. I’ll wait. All here? Cool. Welcome to the future. So hey guys I know you have some River Raid to play today but I need to show you something cool. So check this out. Go ahead. Move that mouse thing next to the computer. Oh, you guys back there have to use the rectangle on… Read More

  • Apple Patent Improves The Mouse With Force Detection And Haptic Feedback

    Apple Patent Improves The Mouse With Force Detection And Haptic Feedback

    Apple has a new patent application with the USPTO (via AppleInsider) for a better mouse that is far more sensitive to how much pressure a user applies with each click, and provides them with haptic (read: vibration) feedback to let them know what kind of input was registered when they clicked. The mouse design would make it possible to click with less force to perform actions like selecting a… Read More

  • The Ego! Smartmouse Combines Hardware Authentication With A Mouse That Doubles As A Motion Controller

    The Ego! Smartmouse Combines Hardware Authentication With A Mouse That Doubles As A Motion Controller

    A new Kickstarter project called the Ego! Smartmouse blends together some recent trends in computing, including hardware identity authentication and 3D motion control to come up with a unique input device that wears many hats. The Ego! is a mouse in the traditional sense, allowing you to control your desktop or laptop computer, and it also has on-board file storage, can work as an… Read More

  • Mycestro Is A 3D Mouse For Your Fingertips That You’ll Look Funny Using, But Who Cares?

    Mycestro Is A 3D Mouse For Your Fingertips That You’ll Look Funny Using, But Who Cares?

    We all go through phases where we feel like we’ve seen every possible Kickstarter project that we’d ever want. And then one like Mycestro comes along and reminds us that this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a 3D mouse that you strap to one of your fingers and it looks like it could become a huge asset for multi-tasking. If you think about how you use your computer, be it… Read More

  • Mad Catz MMORPG Mouse Looks Like It’s Ready To Take Flight

    Mad Catz MMORPG Mouse Looks Like It’s Ready To Take Flight

    With button locks, 78 macro commands, and 13 programmable switches, the Mat Catz M.M.O.7 is the ultimate in gaming geekery. Based on Mad Catz’s original R.A.T. 7, the mouse is not yet officially priced but it should be about $99 when it launches this holiday. Read More

  • kandenchi: Designer Mouse That Looks Like A Battery

    kandenchi: Designer Mouse That Looks Like A Battery

    Japanese accessory maker Elecom announced [JP] the kandenchi today, a wireless mouse that’s designed like a battery. The 2.4GHz device, developed in cooperation with Tokyo-based design company nendo, can be connected to your computer via USB. Read More

  • Video: Complete Hand Recognition With 5-Finger Mouse Amenbo (Video)

    This looks like something straight out of “Minority Report”: Japan-based robot venture Double Research & Development Co. [JP] has developed a 5-finger mouse [JP] that can track the movements and pressure of individual fingers and send the information to a computer to trigger actions. Read More

  • Still Think The Mouse Isn't Dead?

    Still Think The Mouse Isn't Dead?

    We’ve been over this. But many of you felt the need to argue — passionately — about the fate of an input device we all use today: the mouse. I say it’s dead. Well not dead, dead — yet. But the wheels are clearly in motion. Many disagree. And I thought it was worth bringing up again upon seeing the demo video that Microsoft put out there for Windows 8. I mean… Read More

  • The Felt Mouse

    This mouse is made of felt. Designer Joey Roth, he of the ceramic speakers, made it and he’s turning the cold, hard experience of mousing into a soft and sassy experience akin to rubbing a tame squirrel. He should be making the mice available over the next few month or, barring that, you could just tame a squirrel. via BB Read More

  • Nexus 7000 Mouse Is Ultra Quiet, Not Great For Annoying Co-Workers

    If ordering a new mouse off Amazon — because it looked cool and you have prime — only to find that it clicks like a 1980s keyboard frustrates you, then check out the Nexus 7000 quiet mouse. It has a great shape and look, comes in white or black, has one of those really tiny USB receiver dongles, and costs only $28. [via The Awesomer] Read More

  • Logitech Couch Mouse M515 Due This Month, Harmony Software Hits More Remotes

    Two bits of Logitech news for your Friday. The first up is a new mouse they’ve got called the Couch Mouse M515. As the name implies, it works on surfaces that normally would drive a mouse crazy, like blankets and couches. Could be useful in certain situations, like playing World of Warcraft on your laptop on your bed. Read More

  • MA-Touch1: Sanwa's Magic Mouse Clone For Windows PCs

    Apple’s Magic Mouse has obviously inspired Japanese accessory maker Sanwa Supply: the Tokyo-based company is offering the MA-Touch1 [JP], a wireless mouse with a multi-touch enabled top shell. The main (technical) difference is that the Sanwa mouse doesn’t support Bluetooth but works via a wireless USB connection instead. Read More

  • The Chameleon X-1 Is Both Mouse And Gamepad? Witch! Burn The Witch!

    Let me just say that when this thing was first brought to my attention, I made just about the sourest “skeptical face” I’ve ever made, and that’s saying something. But I’m going to be honest, when I saw what they’d done, I relaxed a bit, though my skepticism is still mostly intact. I mean, there are so many ways this thing could have totally sucked, but it… Read More

  • Smartfish Whirl Mini Signals The End Of The Tired Wrist Era

    Jokes, all jokes. The Smartfish Whirl Mini incorporates the same sort of design found in the full size model announced at CES 2010. So yeah, there’s a pivot point to allow your wrist and arm to move in a more natural movement. This time around there’s it’s packaged in a slightly smaller form factor to better accommodate traveling and for those that like smaller mice. (like… Read More

  • Razer Has A Tron: Legacy Gaming Mouse (With Flashy Lights!)

    What we have here is Razer‘s official Tron mouse. It certainly looks like Tron. Read More


    This is a quick hands-on with a clever UI solution called the Invisible Mouse. A $10 system uses lasers to “sense” your fingers in mid-air. You cup your hand to set the position of the mouse and then move it around on the table. You can even right and left click on the invisible surface. Read More

  • Meta Mouse: A Rat-controlled Car

    History has always told us that the chimera is bad for business. Centaurs were too sassy to survive and the basilisk was really mean. But what about a rat connected to an electronic car by its brain? That’s just creepy. This creature, made by researchers at the University of Tokyo, trained a rat to move a small car with only its brain. Apparently the car is directly wired to the… Read More

  • Asus WX-Lamborghini Mouse Rolls Through FCC

    Asus just had a new Lamborghini labeled product get approved by the FCC, for better or worse. The new mouse joins an already varied and colorful line of ill-advised products. I mean, really? Who buys a Lamborghini licensed mouse or laptop? If you own the car, you probably buy something a bit more high end, and if don’t have the car, you shouldn’t use one. It’s like the Ferrari… Read More

  • Microsoft's Arc Mouse Touch Shows Up In A Few More Shots

    The mystery product rumored and outed as the Arc Mouse Touch has been pictured in a few more marketing shots — this time in more real-world locations. How are these getting out? Is someone hacking deep into Microsoft’s databases? Monitoring email? Van Eck phreaking?! Oh… it turns out Microsoft has the pictures up on their retail partners site. Read More

  • Razer Lachesis Upgraded With New Sensor

    Razer’s Lachesis, an ambidextrous mouse which, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t like very much when I reviewed it, is getting a refresh. There’s a brand new 5600DPI sensor in there, plus you can now change the color of the LED lighting. But I wonder if they fixed the shape and button layout that gave me so much trouble way back in ’08? The Lachesis is selling for… Read More

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