Mad Catz MMORPG Mouse Looks Like It’s Ready To Take Flight

With button locks, 78 macro commands, and 13 programmable switches, the Mat Catz M.M.O.7 is the ultimate in gaming geekery. Based on Mad Catz’s original R.A.T. 7, the mouse has not yet been officially priced but it should be about $99 when it launches this holiday.

The mouse has a 6400 dpi sensor and the finger rests can be moved and modified. A built-in weight system also allows you to fine tune the mouse’s tracking. The mouse supports Mad Catz’s software platform. The software allows you to assign various commands any of the buttons. You can also drag and drop spells and commands right into the mouse’s configuration, assigning various commands to any one of the variegated buttons.

It also has presets for games, so you can totally rock out on King’s Quest like a pro.

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