• Moog releases Auto De-tune. We get our sanity back

    Thank the audio gods. Today marks the greatest day in musical history. Well okay, not the greatest, but maybe right behind the release of the Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill. This glorious day is the day Moog’s MF-401 Auto De-tune unit starts shipping out. Now we can finally stop putting up with this. Read More

  • Joey, have you ever scored a movie about being in a in a Turkish prison? A classic interview with Giorgio Moroder

    Moogs, memory banks, and Moroder. What sucks is this guy probably was still using Moogs up until just before all of the gear in his studio went obsolete, stubbornly clinging to all of that good stuff until the end. Read More

  • The Moog Guitar gets a review from a guy we know Hey, I know that guy. Didn’t he used to sell street dogs down the block from that three-story gay bar on Pine Street? No, wait. He was a blogger for CrunchSomething. What’s he doing reviewing guitars? That aren’t right! Looks like a pretty sweet piece of gear, though &mdash until he reveals the price. Read More

  • Ferrari's state-of-the-art racecar simulator to be built by Moog

    So Ferrari wants a “next-generation” super-accurate racing sim made to train its drivers the way military pilots are trained. No so surprising; certainly already in practice, in fact. But that’s where the normality ends. As if it weren’t weird enough already that Ferrari is outsourcing an American company to do this for them, and that American company is Moog, it puts… Read More

  • Video: Moog takes to guitars, music nerds rejoice

    Maybe only music nerds will understand why this is significant, but it’s pretty amazing. Moog, the company known for making some of the most innovative musical products every, especially synthesizers, has turned its sites towards guitars. This video shows some legendary musicians loving on the the first Moog Guitar. What’s cool is, like original Moog products, it’s analog. Read More

  • Little Phatty by Moog

    The Little Phatty, by Moog, is a monophonic analog synthesizer with 100 user editable presets. It was also the last product that Bob Moog had any impact on. This beautiful Moog Synthesizer is actually the smaller and cheaper version of the MiniMoog Voyager, and features a 37-note keyboard, spring-loaded pitch wheel, mod wheel, glide on/off, octave down, and octave up. Sound editing of… Read More