Ferrari's state-of-the-art racecar simulator to be built by Moog

So Ferrari wants a “next-generation” super-accurate racing sim made to train its drivers the way military pilots are trained. No so surprising; certainly already in practice, in fact. But that’s where the normality ends.

As if it weren’t weird enough already that Ferrari is outsourcing an American company to do this for them, and that American company is Moog, it puts it over the edge that they’ve decided to use an ATI/AMD setup. Really? Sure, ATI has the edge in graphics cards this week, but AMD processors have been getting trampled for going on two years now. Whatever, de gustibus non est disputandem.

Update: Hmm, a trivial amount of research shows that this Moog is not that Moog. Really? Two guys named Moog got into the gadget business in the 60s? Come on.