Find your red-eyed fans

I’ve been thinking about token sale marketing lately mostly because it’s been so bad. I’ve gotten hundreds of emails asking me to be an ICO advisor or evangelist or influencer primar

Home decorating gets a new AR toolkit thanks to Intellectual Ventures’ new incubator

Taking another step toward shedding its reputation as the tech industry's most notorious patent troll, Intellectual Ventures is launching the first company from its incubator. The company's ISF Incuba

Outside of AI, companies are doing less research and more development

If you’ve been following the headlines in the world of AI, you might be fooled into thinking that corporations are doubling down, rather than withdrawing, from pure research. But on the ground,

How far we’ve come: The top 5 retro gadgets from the Vintage Computer Festival

VR in the 90s? Computers with gears? TechCrunch brings you five of the coolest retro gadgets and gizmos from this weekend’s Vintage Computer Festival West XI at the Computer History Museum in M

Europe blocks O2-Three carrier merger in the UK

Europe's Competition Commission has blocked a proposed merger that would have seen the number of major carriers in the UK mobile market reduced from four to three.

Games Like Angry Birds Friends And Risk Hit The Chromecast Right Before The Holidays

We’ve gotten a fair bit of play out of Google’s latest $35 Chromecast leading up to the holidays. The games are pretty fun, and you can’t beat it for the price. In time for said holi

Report: To Settle With EU Regulators, Google Proposes To Link To 3 Competitors Every Time It Links To Itself

Google’s search results in Europe could soon look a bit different if a number of new reports about the company’s settlement with the European Union’s competition commission are corre

The Power And Weakness That Come With Being The Default

Facebook had its big coming-out party for mobile on Wednesday, and its Home launcher will soon start shipping exclusively on an HTC device. This is the social network’s first crack at being the

Google And Monopoly Theater

As I <a href="">watched</a> the <a href="">Google ant

There's A New Dystopian Monopoly On The Block, Parker Brothers Have Gone Mad

<img src="" />How many of you were unsettled to see your favorite <a href=""

How Durable Are Information Monopolies On The Internet?

<img src=""> Does the Internet tend towards natural monoplies? Columbia Law professor Tim Wu makes a strong argument that it does

Monopoly: Nintendo Edition

<img src="">In your face, parents all over the world. After pleading with your children to quit rotting their brains with

Congressman fighting for your right to download

<img src="" />Time Warner Cable's <a href="">pla

Apple now officially has a Monopoly on mp3 players

Well, that’s a misleading title. They have a game of Monopoly, I should say. You can now download an iPod version of the world’s most beloved capitalism simulator. Personally, I don’

Vodafone Germany sues T-Mobile over iPhone "monopoly"

So that’s how they do business over in Germany. Vodafone has issue a “restraining order” against T-Mobile for offering exclusive phones that other carriers cannot have. Vodafone isn&