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  • Mavin says it can improve app engagement by making marketers more timely

    Mavin says it can improve app engagement by making marketers more timely

    As mobile developers and publishers wrestle with how to keep users engaged with their apps, Mavin Motion co-founder and CEO Shailesh Nalawadi said it’s time for new strategies. Read More

  • Attack of the apps Crunch Network

    Attack of the apps

    Mobile surveillance by ad-sponsored smartphone apps is intrusive and creepy — and it can easily compromise your enterprise’s data. Read More

  • Leanplum raises $29M Series C round for its mobile marketing platform

    Leanplum raises $29M Series C round for its mobile marketing platform

    Leanplum started out as a mobile A/B testing platform but has since built on this foundation to become a fully-fledged mobile marketing platform. The company has now raised a $29 million Series C round led by Canaan Partners with participation from existing investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Shasta Ventures. This brings Leanplum’s total funding to $46.4 million to… Read More

  • Mapping Israel’s marketing technology industry Crunch Network

    Mapping Israel’s marketing technology industry

    Marketing technology is in the midst of a worldwide boom. Given the expansion of the internet, social media and various other forms of digital technology, there are a growing number of ways to market products and services to consumers. Like all technological trends, the rapid expansion of marketing technology companies has made its way to Israel. Read More

  • The battle for the post-digital world Crunch Network

    The battle for the post-digital world

    Marketing in a post-digital world was a major theme of the 2016 Forrester Research Marketing Forum. At the event, analyst Carl Doty defined the post-digital world as one in which digital is embedded in our daily lives. In that context, he described the evolution of marketing: pre-digital marketing meant using mass media in a one-to-many approach; digital marketing was about data-driven… Read More

  • The Ultimate Ad Crunch Network

    The Ultimate Ad

    If Mad Men is to be believed, the difference between a successful brand and a failure is the perfect ad: one witty line, the perfect image; an overall feeling that captures and captivates the target audience and converts them into customers. The world hasn’t changed that much since the Mad Men days (though we’re thankful for somewhat more egalitarian work environments). Read More

  • Marketing In The Fast Lane With Self-Driving Cars Crunch Network

    Marketing In The Fast Lane With Self-Driving Cars

    From George Orwell predicting the overwhelming reach of television in 1984 to the video phone calls in Back to the Future, it seems that technology often imitates pop culture. Nowhere could that be truer than with the new developments in self-driving vehicles. These self-driving vehicles won’t just change the way we look at transportation. They will shift people’s behavior in a… Read More

  • Mobile Messaging For Marketers 101 Crunch Network

    Mobile Messaging For Marketers 101

    If you’re a consumer-brand marketer, you’ve no doubt given thought to running a marketing campaign or having a presence on a mobile messaging app. After all, every consumer is increasingly using mobile messaging as their portal to mobile. It’s sticky and lends itself to repeat sessions, boasting the highest retention and engagement rates of other apps on average. So if… Read More

  • Why Starbucks’ Order And Pay Is More Than Milk Froth Crunch Network

    Why Starbucks’ Order And Pay Is More Than Milk Froth

    There was a time when mobile content was king. Consumers sought ringtones and java games, despite their appalling user experience. Then came smartphones and apps, and, in terms of content, everything changed. For savvy brands, mobile content has moved well beyond creating a vanity app to the primary way to engage consumers. Read More