Crunch Report | Virtual Reality Star Wars Experience Is Coming to Disney Parks

VR Star Wars Experience is coming to Disney, Vector launches micro-satellites into orbit and iPhone 8 will take even better photos. All this on Crunch Report!

Updated: Micro $299 3D Printer Passes $2M On Kickstarter In 3 Days

Update: The consumer-focused, low-cost Micro 3D printer that's currently raising money on Kickstarter to get its prototype to market, has pushed passed the $2 million mark in pledged crowdfunds -- jus

The Micro, A Compact, Consumer-Friendly 3D Printer, Launches On Kickstarter For $199+

The Micro, launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 today, is a 3D printer aiming squaring at the consumer end of the market, with a low cost device that's undoubtedly pretty basic but which

Toshiba showcases super-small projector

It seems development of micro projectors picks up steam in Japan. Following Tokyo-based venture firm Nippon Signal (“We’ve built the world’s smallest projector”), Toshiba recen