Michael Moritz

Our digital future will be shaped by increasingly mobile technologies coming from China

Since the dawn of the internet, the titans of this industry have fought to win the “starting point” -- the place that users start their online experiences. In other words, the place where they beg

What Silicon Valley tech VCs get wrong about consumer investing

When I began fundraising for CircleUp six years ago, I encountered many investors whose eyes would glaze over when I mentioned “consumer.” These investors would fidget uncomfortably or drop their

Moritz sabotages Sequoia, again

Michael Moritz is legendary for many of the investments he has led throughout his long career with the venture firm Sequoia Capital. But Moritz has placed a target on Sequoia's back -- again -- by pub

Billionaire tech investors support divisive plan to ban San Francisco’s homeless camps

The debate over what to do about San Francisco’s homeless population has been building for awhile among the many startups and residents here. But now tech billionaires Ron Conway, Michael Moritz

The Real Obstacle To Becoming A VC Is Financial, Not Gender, Inequality

Start your own venture firm. That’s the advice that one of the industry’s first female VCs, Kathryn Gould, gave to other women, and it came to mind yesterday as I watched an interview given to jou

How To Be A VC Without Any Capital

One of the most frequent questions I get as a VC is how to become a VC. Newly minted MBAs and startup veterans alike want to get into the investing game in increasingly large numbers. Unfortunately, t

The Data Factory – How Your Free Labor Lets Tech Giants Grow The Wealth Gap

You're the product, but when you're sold, it's only a lucky few who get rich. Technology lets big companies build tools that turn us into volunteers who contribute our time and data while they profit.

Sir Michael Moritz To Join Us At TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco

The original journalist-turned-investor, Michael Moritz, will be joining us onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco next September. In his over three-decades-long tech career, Moritz, who rose fr

Michael Moritz And Reid Hoffman To Speak At TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/michael_moritz.jpeg"> The last few weeks have been insane here at TechCrunch as we put the finishing touches on our next <a href="http://disr