• With 25% Of U.S. Doctors On Board, QuantiaMD Lands $12M To Become The LinkedIn For MDs

    With 25% Of U.S. Doctors On Board, QuantiaMD Lands $12M To Become The LinkedIn For MDs

    QuantiaMD, one of a growing number of companies attempting to build the LinkedIn for the medical community, today announced that it has raised $12 million in venture financing from Fuse Capital. The expansion round is the company’s largest raise to date and brings its total outside investment to $27 million. Read More

  • Supreme Court Decision On Obamacare Has Little Relevance To Healthcare Disrupters

    Supreme Court Decision On Obamacare Has Little Relevance To Healthcare Disrupters

    When I’m not writing for TechCrunch, my “day job” is working with healthcare providers the disruptive innovators who are reinventing healthcare and slaying the healthcare cost beast as a byproduct. In some cases, these are entrepreneurs. In most other cases, they are pioneers within existing healthcare providers fighting to make changes within otherwise slow-moving organizations. Read More

  • Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall(ed Garden)

    Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall(ed Garden)

    Today, I participated in a meeting at the White House described as an “expert roundtable on patient access to health data” hosted by Todd Park (Chief Technology Officer of the United States), Farzad Mostashari (the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology), Leon Rodriguez (Office of Civil Rights) and Peter Levin (CTO Veterans Administration). Being at the White… Read More

  • Strategic Healthcare Investors’ Investment Thesis

    Strategic Healthcare Investors’ Investment Thesis

    This is the second part in a two-part series on strategic investors in healthcare. Healthcare IT departments have focused much of their attention on the $19 billion portion of the stimulus bill that is providing billions of subsidies for the adoption of electronic health records. While this is logical given the available money, it is paying for health IT systems optimized for the “do… Read More

  • What Pharma Can Learn From the Railroads and IBM

    What Pharma Can Learn From the Railroads and IBM

    Editor’s note: This guest post was written by Dave Chase, the CEO of, a patient portal & relationship management company that was a TechCrunch Disrupt finalist. Previously he was a management consultant for Accenture’s healthcare practice and founder of Microsoft’s Health platform business. You can follow him on Twitter @chasedave. Pharmaceutical companies… Read More

  • Why It’s Good News HealthIT is So Bad

    Why It’s Good News HealthIT is So Bad

    I know of no industry where technology is as despised as it is in healthcare. It’s telling that it took government money to incentivize healthcare providers to finally do what virtually every other industry has done — apply information technology to streamline processes. “Established technology is being given a federally funded new lease on life,” athenahealth CEO… Read More

  • The Rise of Nimble Medicine

    The Rise of Nimble Medicine

    In the New Yorker, Dr. Atul Gawande outlined how, at the turn of the 20th century, more than forty per cent of household income went to paying for food and food production consumed nearly half the workforce. Starting in Texas, a wide array of new methods of food production were tested. Long story short, food now accounts for 8% of household budgets and 2% of the workforce. As a wide array of… Read More

  • Just try to relax … this won't hurt … much.

    While sitting in my dentist’s chair recently, I marveled at just how scary looking many of the implements on his tray were. And don’t get me started on that contraption I put my face into at the optometrists! It’s hard to believe that these implements of modern medicine will some day appear as quaint — and arguably as effective — as instruments of yore, like… Read More

  • Science: CHOP research muscles out AIDS

    Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who have been researching AIDS for almost a decade, have come up with a novel new way to fight the immunovirus. Traditional vaccines didn’t seem to be working, so Dr. Philip Johnson, chief scientific officer at Children’s Hospital, shifted gears, and used muscles to deliver a gene in order to create a protein that… Read More

  • Not all gadgets suck: 500,000th pacemaker successfully installed

    It’s pretty easy, in this day and age, to get frustrated with technology, and lose sight of how awesome our world is as a result of technological innovation. Every now and then some piece of news will come along to remind us of how great technology can be, leading us on an adventure of knowledge, and restoring our appreciation for science. Today, that news is word that the 50,000th… Read More

  • With App, doctors can access your medical records from their iPhone

    What’s this, the iPhone actually being used to improve people’s lives? I’m speechless. There’s a new App in the App Store called Allscripts Remote that allows doctors to remotely access a patient’s medical records right from his or her iPhone (or iPod touch). The idea is that, in an emergency, a doctor won’t have to wait around while the hospital staff pulls… Read More