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For Apple, this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day is all about education

Following Apple’s education event in Chicago in March, I wrote about what the company’s announcements might mean for accessibility. After sitting in the audience covering the event, the big takea

MIT’s ‘living jewelry’ is made up of small robot assistants

Project Kino was inspired by ‘living jewelry,’ large bedazzled beetles and other insects worn as decoration in different parts of the world. The MIT Media lab version is much more humane, however,

Michael Casey, Bitcoin Reporter, Is Heading To The MIT Media Lab

Michael Casey, the co-author of The Age Of Cryptocurrency is leaving a senior columnist position at the Wall Street Journal to work at MIT Media Lab as Senior Advisor at the Digital Currency Initiativ

Live From The MIT Media Lab: A Camera Can Look Around Corners and Microdot QR Codes

I’m hanging out at the MIT Media Lab today and watching some of the great presentations by some of the Lab’s current members and alumni. For example, Ramesh Raskar is currently showing off