• With Hadoop, Amazon Adds A Web-Scale Data Processing Engine To Its Cloud Computer

    Slowly but surely, Amazon keeps adding capabilities to its cloud computing services. What started out as pay-by-the-drink storage (S3) and computational processing (EC2), now includes a simple database (SimpleDB), a content delivery network (CloudFront), and computer-to-computer messaging (SQS). And today Amazon added a web-scale file system with Amazon Elastic MapReduce This is actually a… Read More

  • Google Relaunching Measure Map

    Those of you who remember MeasureMap are long time readers of this blog. It was a blog-centered analytics service that first surfaced in August 2005. The service was created by San Francisco based Adaptive Path. The first details emerged in October 2005. It was Google Analytics but just for blogs. It told you stats based on posts and other key blog features. By November 2005 Google had copied… Read More

  • Google Buys MeasureMap

    Google just announced that they have acquired Adaptive Path’s Measure Map (one of my most loved companies, more posts on them here). No word on price…my wild ass speculation is $5 – $10m. Measure Map has not raised outside capital, and seems to be more of a drain on Adaptive Path resources at this point than an asset – the service has lagged very badly over the last… Read More

  • Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

    There have been numerous 2005 “best of” and 2006 “predictions” posts over the last few weeks as the year comes to an end. I’m not going to write one of those. Giving out “best of” awards seems presumptuous to me, given that I’ve been blogging all of six months. And while predictions are fun, they aren’t all that useful in the end. What I… Read More

  • Google Analytics Swings at Measure Map

    Google took the wrapper off Analytics today. It is a rebranding of their Urchin acquisition from earlier this year. It works in much the same way as MeasureMap – using it requires the addition of javascript into a couple of files on your blog. It has deep integration into Adwords as well. Google Analytics is mostly free (up to 5 million page views per month), or completely free if you are… Read More

  • Measure Map To Launch by Year End

    Jeffrey Veen of Adaptive Path writes about Measure Map for the first time today. Measure Map is an incredibly easy to use flash and ajax application that monitors blog traffic and analytics in many, many different ways. You can slice data almost every way imaginable. I’ll do a full review as soon as I have their permission. In his post, Jeffrey provides a screen shot of the dashboard of… Read More

  • (Just a bit) More on Measure Map

    We’ve been beta testing Measure Map, Adaptive Path‘s new blog analytics tool, for a couple of weeks now. We previously wrote about Measure Map here and Heather Green also wrote about it here. Measure Map is an extremely useful tool for bloggers. It uses ajax and flash intelligently. Integration is very simple (adding a javascript snippet into the blog template). It provides… Read More

  • Measure Map is Coming

    I just heard a very juicy rumor (some stuff already on Technorati about this) that Adaptive Path is coming out with a very cool new Ajax application called Measure Map. The site is taking registration requests now. People who are participating in the alpha are drooling. It’s apparently a blog analytics tool that crushes everything else out there. I also heard a few other things about it… Read More