Measure Map To Launch by Year End

Jeffrey Veen of Adaptive Path writes about Measure Map for the first time today.

Measure Map is an incredibly easy to use flash and ajax application that monitors blog traffic and analytics in many, many different ways. You can slice data almost every way imaginable. I’ll do a full review as soon as I have their permission.

In his post, Jeffrey provides a screen shot of the dashboard of the application, the first to appear publicly on the web. I took this as permission to post my own screen shot to the left.

They have not finalized pricing, but my understanding is it may be free for everything except real-time data. Jeffrey also says that the application should be launched by end of year. If you want to try it out sooner, request a beta account at their site.

Here is our quick pitch: Measure Map is a Web application that helps people get to know their blogs. We do this by collecting and analyzing blog-specific traffic statistics and presenting them in a browsable interface that encourages exploration. It is an experience that offers meaningful insight into the effects caused by small changes in how you blog, rather than the overwhelming complexity of most web stats tools with their query/report-style analytic methods. Measure Map provides understanding by refocusing the difficult problem of web statistics and solving it just for blogs.

We do this with a few lines of code in your blog’s template; there’s hardly any configuration to worry about. We collect your traffic data continuously and in real time and display it through some innovative Ajax-based techniques. But even though we’re a hosted service, you own your data. An open API will empower you to do whatever you like with your numbers — we’ve already built an OS X Dashboard widget, for example. Imagine what else you could do with your blog’s stats…

We’ll be opening the doors soon — probably towards the end of the year. For now, we’re metering our growth with an invitation system to ensure that we can provide an appropriate level of service for our users as we grow. You can sign up for one at

In the coming weeks I’ll be writing more about Measure Map, the experience of building it, and what our plans for it are. But for now, I’m just so happy our little team has reached this milestone. Now back to work.

We’ve been testing and writing about (scroll through search results) measure map for some time, and are big fans.

A funny side note: At the web 2.0 conference last week I was talking with Kevin Burton and Andy Smith about some of the new applications we are excited about. Measure Map came up, and they asked for a demo because they hadn’t seen it. Some tall guy in the room joined us and listened while I demo’d the product for them. That tall guy turned out to be Jeffrey Veen – I hadn’t met him in person yet and so didn’t recognize him. At the end of the demo, when I still didn’t know who he was, he started clicking links and showing data I didn’t even know about. Some of it was incredibly cool stuff. I looked at his nametag and everything of course fell into place. Very funny.