(Just a bit) More on Measure Map

We’ve been beta testing Measure Map, Adaptive Path‘s new blog analytics tool, for a couple of weeks now.

We previously wrote about Measure Map here and Heather Green also wrote about it here.

Measure Map is an extremely useful tool for bloggers. It uses ajax and flash intelligently. Integration is very simple (adding a javascript snippet into the blog template). It provides detailed analytics on every aspect of your blog – how readers get to your site, what they read, whether they comment and what links they use to leave.

We can’t post screen shots or feature comparisons yet, but I will say this: tools like Measure Map, Mint, and Feedburner that track blog analytics are extremely useful.

They take a much needed step past existing server log analyzers. Not only are the statistics much more readily available (and real time), but they also provide very granular data on exactly the areas bloggers care about – things like comments, trackbacks, links in and out, etc. The conversation aspect of blogs.

Anyway, Measure Map is evolving and stats are erratic this weekend. I realized just how much I’ve grown to rely on it when it wasn’t fully available to me.

Kevin Hale has a list of additional analytics services here.