martha stewart

  • Best of Martha Stewart | CES 2014

    Martha Stewart Shops CES

    For many of us, CES is a massive conference filled with the world’s most innovative technology. To Martha Stewart, the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show represents a day of gadget shopping. So what is Martha on the market for? Read More

  • Martha Stewart Tours the CES Showfloor | CES 2014

    Martha Stewart Goes 3D Printer Shopping At CES 2014

    Interested in 3D printing and smartphone-controlled aerial drones? So is Martha Stewart. She and I had the pleasure of touring CES 2014’s South Hall, where we checked out Parrot, Form Labs, and MakerBot, among a few other companies. Read More

  • Ditch iCal, Make Your Office Wall Into A Calendar

    Who needs software and gadgets in their office? Certainly not you! You can get rid of iCal and hit up The Home Depot for some chalkboard paint. Looks like Martha Stewart knows how to multitask like a pro; her DIY Wall Calendar made of chalkboard paint is the perfect way to make your office unique while keeping it functional at the same time. Martha’s guide shows you how to create a… Read More