Martha Stewart Shops CES

For many of us, CES is a massive conference filled with the world’s most innovative technology. To Martha Stewart, the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show represents a day of gadget shopping.

So what is Martha on the market for?

The lifestyle guru and DIYer had a few specific products in mind when she joined TechCrunch for CES 2014, including a 3D printer, a new set of headphones, a new television for her home theater, and perhaps some updated appliances.

That said, Stewart and I took a stroll through the 3D printing area, checking out FormLabs and MakerBot.

In fact, she and Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis forged a few deals on the fly to license Martha Stewart designs as 3D printable objects. She also asked to be bumped to the front of the line to get Makerbot’s Z18 industrial printer.

Then, we spent a little time at the Parrot booth discussing the benefits of drone ownership. Drownership, if you will. Martha already owns the AR.Drone 2.0, but seemed equally interested in Parrot’s new Sumo rover and Mini Drone quad-copter.

After playing around with those highly expensive toys, Stewart and I visited the Monster booth in search of some nice, lightweight headphones. She has very specific tastes: something light, unobtrusive, stylish, and canceling. Luckily, Tyson Beckford was there to help us out, showing off his Inspiration line of Monster headphones.

Seems Stewart wants the Inspiration Light in rose gold, with black leather and a black ballistic material headband. Tough.

To finish off a long day of shopping, Stewart and I ventured into the biggest booth at all of CES, Samsung. We checked out curved display UHD tvs, smart fridges and washers, and even the new 12.2-inch Samsung tablets.

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