Awesome: Chemistry set roundup

MAKE has added Chemistry to their set of gift guides, and that’s just awesome. I know I had a ton of fun with my chemistry set when I was a kid, mainly checking the toxicity of various things an

All these chargers are driving me crazy

One of the drawbacks of technology is with each new piece of gear, you get a new charger. After awhile you find every outlet in your house is filled with chargers and adapters. I don’t know about yo

Robot Lord reports "GARBDHLEOOOOO"

Make shows off a clever voice synthesizer connected to an accelerometer that blows out a strange voice-like noise when you move it around. It doesn’t do much, but clearly this will be valuable w

WineGong – Might be your next doorbell

  Is this doorbell classy or nerdy? We can’t decide. Part of us digs the natural material and wine glasses, but then, it is a DIY project that involves gong’n two flutes all controled by

Mod your old NES into a DVD player

Yes! This is awesome. Of course, anything related to modding an NES is awesome. Personally, I don’t watch DVDs that much — or if I did, the player’s guts wouldn’t fit into a Ni

DIY USB hot plate – I could actually make this This little USB-powered hot plate looks simple enough that even a bonehead like yours truly could put one together. A couple USB wires,

Combine your keys with your multitool

This looks pretty awesome, but it’s difficult to say just how practical it is until you try it. I’m willing to do it, but first I need a nice Leatherman. The process looks surprisingly eas

Citizen Engineer: GSM

Citizen Engineer from citizen engineer on Vimeo. Friends of the Crunch Limor Fried and Phil Torrone are putting together open source DIY videos at They’ll be talking about e

Tuning-in Tokyo: A circuit-bent Acorn A300

Do not watch this video hung-over. Or at least turn down the audio. Kick52 ostensibly improved his Acorn A3000 by adding a set of interesting switches and dials that make a horrible squalling reminisc

Are you nerdy enough to rock this DIY Iron Man arc reactor?

I triple-dog-dare you to wear this out to a nice bar one night. I guarantee it’ll get you ladies. Hey, it worked for Tony Stark. It helps if you grow a goatee too, like this joker. Hey, he looks

Useful: Missile throwing robot

If you’re the tinkering type, then you might want to check out this little slice of heaven. It’s a missile launching robot, I think, that doesn’t tame the savageness of man, but rath

How to make your own film, if you dare

With a bit of technical know-how and a fair amount of free time, you could have your very own, home made film… for cameras! Plastic and goop go in one end, and camera film comes out the other en

Build your own laser text mini projector

test You don’t need an imaginary cellphone to project text onto someone’s person. This device, which can be put together after a quick trip to the hardware store, places laser text onto an

Shoot your alarm clock with a Sega Phaser Phaser Blasted Alarm Clock! – video powered by Metacafe Another great project from Make. You basically use a phaser to shoo

Hamster powered generator: It's real

[photopress:_hamster_power_generator_light.jpg,full,center] You want to be green, don’t you. You get sick at the thought of those orphans the Chinese burn for fuel, and what it does to the air.

Video: How to turn a sphere inside out Maybe you woke up today and said to yourself, “You know, I’d love to watch an online video and be made to fee

Fabricate Tasty Objects Out Of Sugar

Evil Mad Scientist may have a scary name, but his creations are simply delicious. This genius whipped up a 3-D fabricator that can create objects out of granulated sugar. These tasty treats can then b

Worms Can, Ah, Make Music Too

Cross one part DIYer, one can of worms, and a whole lot of electronic circuitry and what do you get? A bunch of worms trying to become the next Aphex Twin. The device you see the worms crawling on is

BlinkyBugs: The Coolest DIY Project You'll See Today

PT over at MAKE has a great post on BlinkyBugs. These electronic critters are made up of LEDs, a watch battery, and a little coper tubing. You can really get creative and add pipe cleaners for that &#

Build Your Own Simon

The team over at MAKE are always whipping up exciting new projects that most of us will never even dream of doing. But if you’ve got a soldering iron and a bit of free time (not to mention cash)
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