mad men

  • Season 7

    The deal is finally almost done for the realignment of the television business. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner gets $30 million for the final three years of the series, with no cuts of talent and only a partial concession to AMC’s insistence on cutting 2 minutes of the show for more ads. This “concession” is to keep the first and last shows at 47 minutes and then go to 45 for… Read More

  • Push notification

    When technology and media intersect with the emotional underpinnings of our lives, the result is the kind of tsunami we’re experiencing with the iPad. It may seem petty to many to cheerlead a company and a technology so geared toward the pursuit of the next shiny object, the next Tweet, or whatever. But learning the language of this next generation of empowerment certainly is on our… Read More

  • Wanting To Be Don Draper Now Gets You Something On GetGlue

    Back in July, when writing about GetGlue’s partnership with HBO, I told CEO Alex Iskold that if they struck a deal to get Mad Men stickers from AMC, I’d be on board. Well, he went out and did just that. So here I am, loading up GetGlue. And AMC is hardly the only new partner that GetGlue is announcing today. Disney, HGTV, Discovery, and, in what may be a first for news… Read More

  • Want To Recreate Sterling Cooper Or Just Be On Mad Men? Get Bidding.

    Um, awesome. I’m a huge fan of the AMC show Mad Men. I’d argue it is the best show on television right now, but that will just lead to a flamewar with the Breaking Bad people. Anyway, as the winner of the past two Emmys for best drama, the show has a lot of fans. And it has plenty of people who wish they could live in that moment of time (New York City in the 1960s). Now, thanks… Read More

  • Harper Collins Turning An Excellent Mad Men Website Into A Book

    Mad Men fans rejoice. Soon, you will have your own coffee table book based on the best Mad Men fan website out there, The Footnotes of Mad Men. Publisher Harper Collins has signed a deal to turn site into a book called The Mad Men Files. It will be written by Los Angeles-based writer/blogger Natasha Vargas-Cooper, who also runs the site. As she writes on the blog, “It will be glossy… Read More