Harper Collins Turning An Excellent Mad Men Website Into A Book

Screen shot 2009-09-15 at 10.07.21 AMMad Men fans rejoice. Soon, you will have your own coffee table book based on the best Mad Men fan website out there, The Footnotes of Mad Men.

Publisher Harper Collins has signed a deal to turn site into a book called The Mad Men Files. It will be written by Los Angeles-based writer/blogger Natasha Vargas-Cooper, who also runs the site. As she writes on the blog, “It will be glossy with pictures and smart things written about the show’s historical and cultural context.

If you’re into AMC’s Mad Men and haven’t been following this blog, don’t wait for the book, starting reading it right now. The site not only covers aspects of the show, but highlights elements of the world in which the show takes place (the early 1960s). Staying true to the idea behind the show, they highlight a lot of great, real advertisements from that era (many are hilarious).

Vargas-Cooper is also the Chief Los Angeles correspondant for The Awl (they have more about the deal) and writes for Gawker. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.