macworld 2008

  • Macworld 2008 Keynote: What of the other rumors?

    What an exciting Keynote. The MacBook Air is drool-worthy, (though I think the price is high,) and we finally have real HD content for the AppleTV, in the form of the legendary movie rentals. And Time Capsule’s a cool product that will save Mac users, as well as Mac support, many headaches. The iPhone update’s a good start, and makes me almost want an iPhone, but I’m not… Read More

  • iPhone upgrade liveblog

    I’m honestly too scared to upgrade to 1.1.3 and I don’t want an AT&T account so we’re all going to have to live with other update liveblogs until the proper jailbreak comes out. Erica at TUAW just gave it a go and found that she almost – but not quite – saw her iPhone in iPhuc, a browsing tool. 1.1.3 iPhone Update Liveblog [TUAW] Read More

  • Macworld 2008 Keynote: Watch it beginning to end, right here

    Peter and I wish you could be here, we really do. We’d planned on serving you live audio of the Keynote, but Apple’s spies (Apple has spies?) caught wind and told us to back it off. Fair enough, it’s their show, so we did. But just to make it up to you, CrunchGear’s users, they’ve given us first access to the video archive of the Keynote, for you to watch streaming… Read More

  • MacBook Air, Sony VAIO TZ150 feature comparison

    So while getting set to unveil the new MacBook Air, Steve-o made a rough comparison to the Sony VAIO TZ series of notebook computers. Let’s take a look at the cheapest model, the VGN-TZ150N/B and see how it and the new MacBook Air really stack up. Read More

  • CoverItLive responds: I iz sorry!

    MacWorld Keynote Update We would like to apologize to all of our users and their readers for the service outage that happened mid-day on January 15. CoveritLive was specifically designed to handle small and very VERY large live blog events like the Steve Jobs Keynote at MacWorld. Our issue appears to have been a very minor technical one on our end that was amplified dramatically by the… Read More

  • MacBook Air Gallery

    For your viewing pleasure, live from MacWorld 2008 (more on the way): [photopress:imgp4640.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4644.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4643.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4645.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4648.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4653.JPG,thumb,pp_image] Read More

  • Best.Keynote.Ever?

    {democracy:21} Read More

  • A Macworld apology

    On behalf of the CG crew, we apologize for the mix-ups during the keynote. Keynotes are hard to cover and we experienced a perfect storm of site failures, database errors, and “No, you can’t stream live audio” directly from folks at Apple, all in the matter of two minutes. Hopefully some of you enjoyed our reduced HTML page and were able to see some great images. Next time we… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live: The Macworld 2008 Steve Jobs Keynote

    Unadulterated feed of the entire keynote. Thanks for tuning in. Read More

  • Why Apple's Time Capsule is good but Time Machine is still weak

    I’ve never liked the idea of Time Machine – I back up the things that are important to me on my own schedule, and I know where it all is and how it works. Time Machine strikes me as a black box that utilizes my CPU and hard drive in a mysterious and inefficient way. Furthermore, laptops are basically left out of the party. Time Capsule is a great solution and while I still… Read More

  • Macworld 2008 Keynote: Walt Mossberg is here

    If Uncle Walt is here, then something AMAZING will happen. Read More

  • Macworld 2008 Keynote: We're there

    [photopress:TEMP_Image_2_2.jpg,full,left]Peter and Matt are fine and in line and they’re sending images slowly but surely over the air. Hickey just sent one entitled “Welcome to San Francisco.” Ha! Soy! [photopress:TEMP_Image_2_3.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:TEMP_Image_2_1.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Read More

  • What to expect when you're expecting iPhone firmware 1.1.3 With MacWorld fast approaching, let’s look over what we currently know about iPhone firmware 1.1.3 and what it will mean for us lost souls who are running jailbroken iPhones. We’ll discuss the leaked version of the software and what I’ve gleaned from talking to Andru and Nate True of iBrickr fame and from the rumor and innuendo surrounding today’s keynote&hellip… Read More

  • MacBook ultraportable details leaked?

    These are just renderings Wired seems to think they have the scoop on the ultraportable that’s being announced tomorrow from a third party vendor. Said device is made from aluminum and glass and apparently takes the shape of a teardrop when closed. It’s also being widely speculated that it’s going to be completely wireless in terms of connectivity, which would be sweet, but… Read More

  • My favorite MacBook Air mock-up so far

    [photopress:2192321716_b26f11f201_o.jpg,full,center] We’ve been talking quite a bit about this new MacBook Air, or whatever Steve’s going to call it (I like MacBook Shuffleâ„¢), and we’ve seen many mock-ups, but this is my favorite so far. I have a feeling that if we do see a teeny-tiny MacBook, it’ll definitely look something like this, borrowing design cues from… Read More

  • A thought on "liveblogging"

    [photopress:wwdcjobs1.jpg,full,center]We’re liveblogging tomorrow morning’s Keynote. Gizmodo’s liveblogging it. GeekBrief is liveblogging it. Everyone is, really. And that makes me think that the Macworld 2008 Keynote by Steve Jobs might just be the single more liveblogged thing in history so far. Just how geeky have we become? Read More

  • Help-Key: How to turn the Macworld Keynote into a fun, healthy drinking game

    [photopress:macworld.jpg,full,center]With The Keynote (that Keynote) at 9:00 tomorrow morning, we’re not sure who exactly would buy into a Macworld Keynote Drinking Game other than college students, but it’s an exercise in foolishness any way you look at it, so I had to indulge. Drinking games are meant to be carried out early on weekend evenings with groups of close friends, or… Read More

  • Case manufacturers and potential new MacBooks: Canaries in coalmines?

    Every few Keynotes we get emails from case manufacturers encouraging us to keep an eye open for new case designs. For example, one designer told us today that they would be ready to ship on Friday “if Steve Jobs announces a new laptop.” While we know this is more conjecture and making-up-stuff-ure, looks like the first folks to be hit by a hardware refresh — case… Read More

  • Apple's '08 Keynote leaked? Highly doubtful but check it out

    Looks like someone has gone to a lot of trouble to create a keynote outline and pass it off as real. Our take? Fakity Fake. There’s no mention of the MacBook “Air” and I feel like some of the features and hardware upgrades don’t jive, but what do I know? Click below or view the rest of this post to get the raw data and decide for yourself.

    Steve Jobs’ Macworld… Read More

  • MacWorld 2008: Anticipation Alright, Macbois, get your Mac hats out and fire up your Duos because this is going to be a red hot one. What will it be? The Air? The WiBook? The ZunePod? We don’t know and neither does anyone else. But all we know is that Hickey and Peter Ha will be in place tomorrow at… Read More