Apple WWDC 2024, set for June 10-14, promises to be ‘A(bsolutely) I(ncredible)’

Apple SVP Greg “Joz” Joswiak just confirmed via the social media platform formerly known as Twitter that the company’s annual World Wide Developer Conference is set for June 10-14. I

Apple says it is not aware anyone using Lockdown Mode got hacked

Last year, Apple launched a special new protection for at-risk users — such as journalists and activists — called Lockdown Mode, designed to limit some regular iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch features

Apple M3 iMac 24-inch review: More power, same package

A fun knock-on effect of this job is having to constantly switch between machines. The best way to test a product is integrating it into your daily routine as much as possible. This time out, that mea

Apple’s 14- and 16-inch M3 MacBook Pros arrive in ‘Space Black’ color, starting at $1,599

Apple just announced a (nearly) complete overhaul of its first-party silicon line, in the form of the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max. While the new 24-inch iMac is arriving with the M3, the MacBook Pro line is

Apple’s Scary Fast October Mac event: How to watch and what to expect tonight

Surprise! Apple’s got one more event to go this year. Word is that various supply chain issues kiboshed plans to announce additional hardware at last month’s iPhone 15 event. Whereas in past years

Unite for Mac releases a new version to turn websites into web apps

Apple announced macOS Sonoma at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) earlier this year with the ability to turn websites into “web apps” and add them to the dock. In response, Unite,

WhatsApp launches its native macOS app

WhatsApp said that it has launched a new native app for Mac today. The app will allow users to participate in video calls with up to eight people and audio calls with up to 32 people. Mark Zuckerberg

macOS 14 Sonoma is now live in public beta

Apple just dropped a public beta of macOS 14 Sonoma. Perhaps you’ve been swimming in those wine country waters for a while now. After all, back at WWDC, the company announced that it was opening up

Apple M2 Ultra Mac Studio: Same shell, more firepower

“This completes the transition to Apple silicon,” Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering John Ternus noted during last week’s WWDC keynote. Apple never promised the process would happen o

Apple debuts macOS 14 Sonoma

Apple took the wraps off its latest desktop operating system, macOS 14, at WWDC 2023. As ever, it’s named for another California town — this time out it’s Sonoma, straight out of Nor

Apple releases first ‘rapid’ security fixes for iPhones, iPads and Macs

Apple on Monday released its first batch of publicly available “rapid security” patches, aimed at quickly fixing security vulnerabilities that are under active exploitation or pose signifi

Security researchers warn of a new class of Apple bugs

Security researchers say they have uncovered a “new class” of vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to bypass Apple’s security protections in iOS and macOS to access users’ sensitive

Dockhunt is a new way to discover Mac apps by looking at other people’s docks

The App Store might suggest a useful app from time to time, but you can’t always rely on it to discover new apps. Meanwhile, places like Reddit communities or Product Hunt could be very broad fo

WhatsApp releases its native macOS client in public beta

WhatsApp has released its native macOS app compatible with Apple Silicon in a public beta. Users running Mac with Apple’s own chip with macOS 11 Big Sur or newer version will be able to download

Apple fixes bug that let malicious apps skirt macOS’ security protections

Microsoft says a vulnerability it discovered in a core macOS security feature, Gatekeeper, could have allowed attackers to compromise vulnerable Macs with malware. The flaw, tracked as CVE-2022-42821,

A closer look at macOS Ventura

Sometimes it’s nice when a product launch falls when I’m on the road. I qualify that statement because, well, it’s one more thing to shoehorn into an invariably overloaded work trip. But there a

Belkin’s $30 Continuity Camera accessory is now available for MagSafe iPhones

Continuity Camera was one of the odder additions that arrived in the last round of Apple operating system updates. It seemed like an awkward fix to a longstanding issue with Mac webcams, clipping your

LibreOffice begins charging Mac App Store users $8.99

LibreOffice, the popular open source document processing suite, has begun charging users who download the software through the Mac App Store a one-time fee of $8.99. First spotted by The Register, it&

I’ve missed this feature since OmniWeb was shuttered — Safari 16 just brought it back

Sidebar tabs aren’t a new idea, but they've been sorely lacking among modern browsers.

Apple releases iOS and macOS fixes to patch a new zero-day under attack

Apple has released another round of security updates to address vulnerabilities in iOS and macOS, including a new zero-day flaw that is being actively exploited by attackers. The zero-day flaw, track
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