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  • Netflix cuts ties with Louis CK

    Netflix cuts ties with Louis CK

    Netflix has announced that it will not be making a second stand-up special with comedian Louis CK. For years, rumors have swirled that Louis CK engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with the women around him. Gawker led coverage of these rumors in 2015 (and even as early as 2012). But this week, the New York Times reported that five women, many of whom went on the record, have accused Louis… Read More

  • Louis C.K. Responds To Online Ticket Sales Experience: Scalpers’ Opinions Have Been “Enlightening”

    Louis C.K. Responds To Online Ticket Sales Experience: Scalpers’ Opinions Have Been “Enlightening”

    When Louis C.K. announced that he was selling tickets to his shows for $45, cutting out ticket middlemen entirely, the response was fairly giddy. As of this writing, he sold $6,102,000 in tickets, not a bad haul. Of those 135,600 tickets, 500 are now floating around the scalping sites. He did, however do a little experiment: he sold two shows traditionally, through Ticketmaster and the like… Read More

  • Louis C.K. Sells Show Tickets On His Own Website

    Louis C.K. Sells Show Tickets On His Own Website

    Comedian Louis C.K. is using the Internet to his advantage by selling tickets to his upcoming shows online, cutting out the ticket sales systems entirely. He’s also implementing a system to cancel scalped tickets. Each ticket will cost $45 after tax. He explains his vision this way: By selling the tickets exclusively on my site, I’ve cut the ticket charges way down and absorbed… Read More

  • @louisck Reports His Content Experiment Sold $500,000 Worth Of Downloads

    @louisck Reports His Content Experiment Sold $500,000 Worth Of Downloads

    It’s always heartening to see an experiment in disintermediated content succeed and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Louis CK began selling his one-hour comedy special on his own website for $5 a pop last Sunday and, as of today, he’s reporting he’s made over $500,000 from 110,000 downloads. This is a profit of over $200,000 on a concert that cost him… Read More

  • Louis CK Sells Latest Film, DRM-Free, For $5 Per Download

    Louis CK Sells Latest Film, DRM-Free, For $5 Per Download

    Following Radiohead into the wild world of micropayments, comedian Louis CK is offering his latest concert film, Live At The Beacon Theatre, as a DRM-free download or stream for $5. Once payment is tendered, downloaders can both stream and download the movie twice. Once those four chances are used up you have to pay again, although because the MP4 file is DRM-free there is nothing stopping… Read More

  • Everything's Amazing: Louis CK's ‘Louie’ Hits DVD, Blu-ray June 21

    Don’t have a Blu-ray player yet? You’re going to want to get one before June 21, for that’s when Louis CK’s “Louie” makes its way to the format. It’ll also be available on plain ol’ DVD if that’s your thing. Read More

  • 'Sloppy Google' Is Lazy And Incompetent, Like A Human

    Sometimes I think we suffer from Louis CK syndrome, as in we don’t fully understand how amazing it is to live in a time where technological advancements allow all the world’s information to be accessed at our fingertips, among other things. A mashup of Html5 Canvas, processing.js, js, jQuery, and the Google Search API, the Sloppy Google project yawns as it completes erroneous… Read More

  • Louis CK, the comedian who told you to stop complaining about technology, is close to another sitcom

    It was only a few months ago that comedian Louis CK became an Internet sensation. Comedy fans had followed his act for years, but it was his appearance on Late Night With Conan that lead to posts by Doug Aamoth and interviews with Vanity Fair. And now the comedian, who’s a big Leica fan, by the way, looks to be getting another sitcom, this time on FX. Read More

  • That special edition white Leica: Only $9,000 this June (in Japan)

    As I just said in out little chat room, brought to you by Campfire, if I won the lotto, the first, and possibly only, tech thing I’d buy would be that special edition Leica. I’d have no idea how to properly use it, of course, but I’d be willing to fly out to Germany and have the Leica folks teach me how to use it. It would only cost me ¥880,000, or just shy of $9,000. Read More

  • Revisiting Louis CK's “Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy”

    Louis CK, the best working comedian right now, is a bona fide Internet sensation. He was on Late Night With Conan O’Brien last fall, and he proceeded to eviscerate my stupid, spoiled generation. You know, bitching about things like “oh, my phone is too slow,” “what, this airplane doesn’t have on-bord Wi-Fi? fail!” etc. Typical First World nonsense. Louis… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Flip Video Ultra F260 for $89 (but it's refurbished, so…)

    Did you miss last week’s Woot for the $80 Flip? Fear not, citizen, for Buy.com has the Flip Video Ultra F260 for $89.99. (Buy.com notes that it usually retails for $199.99.) It’s refurbished, meaning that if you give it as a gift it’s a sign that you really don’t love them person, so there’s that. Read More

  • Comedian Louis C.K. on technology and air travel

    One of my favorite comedians, Louis C.K., sums up how people take modern-day technology and air travel for granted. This isn’t a super-recent interview with Conan O’Brien, but it’s something to remember if you’ll be traveling for the holidays. Good stuff. Read More