'Sloppy Google' Is Lazy And Incompetent, Like A Human

Sometimes I think we suffer from Louis CK syndrome, as in we don’t fully understand how amazing it is to live in a time where technological advancements allow all the world’s information to be accessed at our fingertips, among other things.

A mashup of Html5 Canvas, processing.js, jQuery, and the Google Search API, the Sloppy Google project yawns as it completes erroneous searches, expressing its apathy for its work anthropomorphically. To further hammer it home, its “I Feel Lucky” button is perennially out of service.

In the same vein as CK’s “Everything’s Amazing And Nobody’s Happy” video, Sloppy Google serves as a reminder that for all its foibles, Google is still way better at its job then we are, never sleeping, making careless mistakes or being half-assed (unless you include Adsense).

Writes creator Yuin Chein, an MFA at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design (verbatim),

“What if searching – the everyday digital routine of our lives is somehow different? What if Google is represented by humanistic operators who type in keywords and submit search request for you? In contrary to auto correct your spelling, it messes up your search results by misspelling your keywords; it yawns at your face just like a careless customer service agent would have done to you. Having a lazy Google is surprisingly comforting to some! Machine isn’t perfect, it makes mistakes, and it needs rest just like everyone of us.”


You can search on Sloppy Google here.