Louis CK, the comedian who told you to stop complaining about technology, is close to another sitcom


It was only a few months ago that comedian Louis CK became an Internet sensation. Comedy fans had followed his act for years, but it was his appearance on Late Night With Conan that lead to posts by Doug Aamoth and interviews with Vanity Fair. And now the comedian, who’s a big Leica fan, by the way, looks to be getting another sitcom, this time on FX.

Yes, Louis CK shot a pilot for FX, according to Variety, that sounds like it should be amazing:

Tentatively titled “Louie,” the half-hour is based on his life as a comedian and divorced father of two. Stories are told through a mix of standup routines and sketches (in which he acts opposite actors playing his kids, ex-wife and friends).

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Lucky Louie, the sitcom he had on HBO in 2006 before the network killed it (for whatever reason).

And for good reason, here’s his appearance on Conan. I agree 100 percent with everything he said. It’s Hulu, so non-U.S. readers are out of luck. Blame NBC.